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More Facts You Did Not Know About South Florida

J. Harris

Many people don't know
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There are so many people living here, you can’t find a parking space. If you do find one, either it is assigned to someone else or if not, you are booted and towed for no good reason or some imagined reason.

  1. People throw unwanted animals in the Everglades to fend for themselves. Most die.
  2. Prices are high; friendliness is low.
  3. Since there are a lot of celebrities that live in Miami, a lot of people feel they have to be or know the big guy, so it doesn’t show they are the “small fry.”
  4. Even though, the state is full of older folks on a fixed income, they still have to pay twice as much as other states for a cup of coffee.
  5. The beaches are great and beautiful — where there is no trash or dead rats.
  6. The weather is constantly great until you have a storm and it floods half the state. It’s hard to pump out sea water when you are surrounded by two oceans and the tides are high.
  7. Watch out for mold; it will sneak up on you in your house, car, boat, etc.
  8. In some areas, you never see any open space, only houses, people, gated communities, and stores. So crowded!
  9. Something catastrophic happens here quite often. Since 2014, there have been: an explosion “out of the blue” in a strip center on a main highway; a mass shooting at a high school that left 17 people dead; the pandemic has shut down tourism; a bridge collapsed close to a university and killed people parked at the light under it; a building, close to the bay, collapsed and killed 98 people that lived there; and gun violence is a constant problem. I do not minimize any of this because so many people died. It is very scary to live here.
  10. There are so many people and cultures living together. They are for the most part sectioned off, they also have their turf wars. You have to be careful where you go.
  11. Brian Laundrie lived in his parent’s home in North Port, Florida. We all know who he is.
  12. Renting an apartment, condo, or house is very expensive. I assume buying a home is the same. Bring an RV and live in it in one of the RV parks.

These are some of the things to look forward to if you are thinking about living here. I wish I had known more before I moved to South Florida.

For instance, what the hell are “King Tides” and “Saharan Dust” and why do they occur? Did you know that Florida has wild ducks roaming free everywhere? Any and all animals are fare game if they happen to want to cross a street. Drivers really don’t care.

And don’t get me started on the drivers!!

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