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Explosion on University Drive.

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My view out of the blue.

This just blew my mind yesterday when my daughter texted me to watch the news at 11:40 a.m. about a gas explosion on University Drive very close to where I live. I live close enough to it to know the area. It leads to I-595 and I-95; the main traffic arteries in the area.

Thank goodness no one was killed. As I viewed the news streaming from NBC 6, I was shocked. That is an extremely busy shopping center with a lot of businesses open all day long. It was also Saturday with many people out and about. I can picture in my mind the University Drive corridor and the busyness there. University Drive is always stop-and-go traffic so I know it was a big deal for a lot of people to hear an explosion while sitting in traffic, driving by, or otherwise being in the middle of it.

What impressed me most was the debris field which was extensive. There was so much and it was everywhere. Twisted metal, ceiling tiles, steel framing, glass, fallen trees, roofing tiles, siding, and debris in the trees and surrounding area. Cars were covered and damaged as well.

21 Injured After Explosion at Plantation Shopping Center

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It is difficult to comprehend the impact of this gas explosion. Neighbors that live close-by had their homes damaged from the impact which shook and cracked sliding doors and windows, cracked walls, and scared people sending them outside to see if something hit their house. A friend of mine said she felt it at her house which is about a mile away. My sons who work at a car wash in Sunrise, which is about two miles away, felt it as well.

The difficulty I have in understanding how something like this can occur out of the blue and cause a scary day for a lot of people is it came from a restaurant that had been closed since December has most main 2018. No one was there as far as we know. All of this is still under investigation. Things can change after a thorough investigation is held.

Since I moved here five years ago, there has been a school shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school with seventeen people killed north of where I live. A bridge fell on the highway in front of a college here and killed six people, south of where I live, and a category five hurricane, Irma, that ran from the south of Florida all the way up the peninsula into Georgia and Alabama which killed 134 people.

My question is, are these things related or could this be how it is living here? I don’t particularly feel safe as you can imagine. There is always the threat of another devastating hurricane and the constant threat of flooding. I never learned to swim but live in Florida. Figure that.

I had always felt safe in Atlanta, probably because it is so spread out. There is more room and everyone and everything there is not so congested and tight, as it is here in south Florida.

Just seeing all the coverage and the impact I am glad that no one lost their life, but know a lot of people were traumatized.

And there will be a lot of insurance claims awarded over this disaster.

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Plantation, FL

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