Bringing the Wow! Back Into Your Life

J. Harris

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Keeping yourself strong and grounded after retirement.

If you are like me, of the “mature” nature, I hope to bring the “Wow! back into your life. How?!

I am going to show you a few things that have helped me to stay going and feeling younger, helped my skin, and freed my body from excessive pain, and every day issues that arise after 60 or so.

About me: I am 68 and doing great! No medications, no doctors, no health issues that I know about or that are slowing me down.

I live in south Florida now after living in the ATL (Atlanta, GA) for over sixty years. Miss it though..

Take some advice from me. I always disagreed with aging no matter what age I was at the time. When I was small and growing I would hit a birthday and ask myself, “What do I need to stop doing now and start doing so I can grow up?” I don’t know if everyone did or does that, but I have brought it home through the years. Now, I say, “What do I need to do to live longer and stronger?”

And don't be afraid. I have read that older folks can have as much muscle and body mass as a younger body.

Some things I decided to do are:

  • Throw away the old-age magazines you get in the mail that sell comfort objects for your aches and pains. They only want your money.
  • Don’t listen to the ads on the TV or other devices that talk about drugs you should take for this or that. They only want your money as well and make you paranoid.
  • Do take all discounts that you are entitled to at your age ! AARP, AMAC, movie tickets, food, transportation, etc. You’ve worked your whole life and it is time to get some of that back.
  • Find a lover, husband, partner, significant other and have more sex and love again. You can’t get pregnant so enjoy yourself. If you are thinking it is too painful, go slow and do it more often. With the right partner they will understand. And there are many moistureizers both medicated and natural you can use in the meantime until you become more moist naturally or if you still can't keep on taking them. One I know of is Pueraria Mirifica supplement. Having sex more often helps you make natural lubrication again. Taking daily fish oil and olive oil supplements helps as well.

Life did not end because you hit sixty or so, retired by force or not. Life just started again.

There is an activity called “Tapping” that has helped me with pain, anxiety, and lack of vision and energy. Go to and type in “tapping”. You will get many videos and how to’s. I promise it works and to save you time it works quickly. That's another reason I use tapping, it works fast!

It is a short term remedy, but great, it helps without pills. By “short term” I mean it addresses the issue immediately. If the issue is chronic you do it again and again and the issue will become less and less. Read about it @The Tapping

I do not promote the procedure for any other reason than to help you since it helped me.

You don’t have to agree with all the ageism b.s. they are trying to feed you either.

Mass media is trying to bring you closer to death. The society is focused on youth and how it looks not on renewal and how to flourish after sixty or even after fifty.

All you have to do is “bring the Wow! ” back into your life. Does anything you observe, hear, feel, call for a response from you as “Wow!”? That is what I mean, but really, I mean it is something for yourself, personally.

If you like this look for more articles from me.

Jo Ann Harris is an author, parent, book devotee, writer, copywriter, and film fanatic. She is an autodidact who learns about everything and rows her own boat. She grew up and worked in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there sixty years. She writes articles about love, hope, personal life stories, advice and poems. She is a published author with an article published in Woman’s World magazine in October, 2017.

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I usually write about a lot of subject matter from my own personal life to animal behavior. Everything in between. I have been writing for over two years but have always been a writer and avid reader. I lived in Atlanta, GA for sixty years then moved to South Florida and it was a huge change for me. I write truth as I see it in hopes it will help others.

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