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How you can have one too!

I know this is a crazy subject but so interesting. I decided to do some research and found the following information:

Why do men prefer women with smaller waist and wider hips? There is a scientific explanation provided for this, which goes as follows: Thin waist indicates that the woman is not pregnant and wider hips show that the woman will have fewer complications while delivering a baby. So to minimize risk while mating, men seem to prefer women with a bigger butt. This explanation is quite correct, however does not provide the full picture.

The idea of thin waist is quite clear. The idea of wider hips for delivering the baby generally means that the woman must have a wider pelvis,to allow for safe passage of the baby during the delivery. This explanation would suggest wider hips as seen from the front. Men also seem to prefer the hips which are protruding backwards.

Wider hips do not necessarily mean that the hips will be protruding backwards. What is going on?

We have to actually consider the spine angle. If you look at most of the images in the media, which portray the backside of a woman, they focus a lot on the curvature of the lower spine. Most often, that curvature is at about 45 degrees. Scientists have carried out studies where they showed men pictures of women with same volume in their glutes, but with different lower spine angles and what they noticed was, repeatedly men showed preference for the women with the lower spine angle of 45 degrees. It appears that it is not the volume of the gluteus muscles, but the angle of the lower spine, which is the underlying cause for this preference.

Myra Mendible, a social historian who has written books on the subject, points out that buttock augmentation has been around for years — in the 19th Century, women wore “bustles” to exaggerate their behinds. Female body types have always been a sign of what society aspires to, Ms Mendible says, with a lean muscular form preferred in capitalist countries, compared with larger rears in poorer places such as her native Cuba.

“There, if you’re thin it’s a sign of being poor, it’s not a sign of beauty,” she says. “To them the voluptuous body is a sign of good health and fertility.”

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, almost 5,000 buttock augmentation procedures were performed in 2015. This number is currently lower than total face lifts and breast implants, but butt augmentation is the fastest growing procedure. These surgeries increased 98%, from just 942 procedures in 2013 to 1,863 in 2014. A cursory glance into social media will tell you that the desire for a disproportionate butt is only expanding.

The are many ways to get “the Look”.

One is fat transfer. Fat is sucked from areas of your body and transferred to the butt via large needle insertions. Over time they can separate out so you have to keep it up and do it over and over again to achieve a smooth appearance. It can cost up to $20,000 a procedure. That is what Kim Kardashian does. She tells everyone it’s because she works out and works those muscles, but weightlifters and plastic surgeons know the real truth.

Another way to get the large booty is “locatable oil” transfer. Similar to the fat transfer except medical grade silicone or another cosmetic filler is used. There have been tragedies with this.

In Latin America, Myriam Yukie Gaona Robles, preyed on women wanting this procedure to enhance face, buttocks, breasts, wrinkle fading, and weight loss. She bought fake licenses and had them framed, hung them in her place of business, and promoted herself as a plastic surgeon and charged low prices to procure customers. She would use industrial strength grade silicone and baby oil to pump up and enhance over 1,500 women to a tragic end for some of these women.

She was found guilty and sent to prison for thirteen years after one of her atients brought charges against her who happened to be the sister of a famous movie star.

For more on plastic surgery “botched” procedures and their results, see the TV series on the E channel, “Botched”. You will be amazed! But I digress.

It’s not only other countries that have had troubles. There have been fakes in the United States as well. Arrests were made after people went on the black market and got procedures done cheap that were not sanctioned. They have paid for it as a result and the doctors on “Botched”, Terry Dubov and Larry Nassar have seen some of these cases as well.

As usual in the United States, bigger is always better.

Jo Ann Harris is an author, parent, book devotee, writer, copywriter, and film fanatic. She is an autodidact who learns about everything and rows her own boat. She grew up and worked in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there sixty years. She writes articles about love, hope, personal life stories, advice and poems. She is a published author with an article in Woman’s World magazine in October, 2017.

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