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How Do You Deal With Tragedy And Loss After Shocking News?

J. Harris
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The helplessness and sadness that occurs.

When I write I always try to send good vibes and helpfulness. I send advice and love usually. Today I met with a tragedy in my own distant family line in Georgia. I found this out on Facebook from my niece in Texas and also from a high school friend in Georgia, who was a mutual friend of the deceased.

A cousin was murdered by her husband fighting over custody of their two small children. My niece told me she was shot in front of her kids. It was smart of her to run to a fire station knowing she may not make it out alive and that they would take him to the police. Maybe and it looks like he was a dangerous person and she did not want him to take the children away with him.

I didn’t know her and never met her but just the same, a loss. It makes me so sad now for the loss and the pain those two little children were put through. Such unbelievable heartache and terror for the whole family.

Checking out her Facebook page I see she was good mother and worked hard as a real estate agent showing homes on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia. My niece who knew her said she was a very sweet, kind person and they laughed a lot about the family and antics and such.

How do wonderful things just turn into tragedies? Oh! I know, committing bad acts against each other and keeping secrets along with unexpressed resentments will do that.

Don’t do that! Keep your communication clean and clear. And above all else, don’t lie! Once you lie about something you will be known thereafter as a liar and one not to be trusted.

God knows what happened to them. I can only imagine the panic and terror and worry that she felt in her last seconds of life. Please pray for her, her family, her children. They are really in bad shape.

It has had such a rippling effect on everyone. Here is the link:

Woman killed in Dawson County shooting

At approximately 7:37 p.m. Monday July 29, 911 operators received a "frantic" call from a woman, later identified as…

Makes any problems I have a bit smaller. I am grateful for everything.

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