Bullied in High School

J. Harris


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When you are bullied by a friend-

Being laughed at is the most hurtful thing especially when yesterday she was your friend.

Personality disorder on her part I would say.

I remember it being a normal sunny day. It was the new year and fall was in the air. It was 1964 and this was my first year in public high school so over the summer I met these girls and we had become friends.

I waited for my friend and her sister to walk to school. I saw them come out of their house so I went with them. The high school was not very far away and everyone walked in those days. It took around fifteen to twenty minutes to get there. It was not as dangerous as now.

I was walking in front of them instead of beside them because there was not enough room on the sidewalk or so I thought. Suddenly, I heard giggling behind me and turned to see them laughing at me. I asked what was so funny. They said something that didn’t make sense so I let it go. I felt it didn’t have anything to do with me it was so out of character of them.

And then I heard, “Jo Ann is so stupid she can’t buy any new shoes.” And, “Jo Ann is so scared all the time that she won’t talk back to anyone that says anything about her.” And on and on. This sort of thing never happened to me while going to parochial school — teachers did it but not another student.

See I can’t think like that person because I don’t have thoughts like that to make people uncomfortable.

I am having a difficult time remembering all was said because I can’t think and be mean to people on purpose to make them uncomfortable. That is not me and it’s disrespectful and rude.

The girls in that school loved to threaten other girls and jump on them after school so they could fight ’em. It was so weird. Guys would do it too but why would girls want to.

I had two experiences like that and laughed in their faces for it because I thought it was so ridiculous. I can always remove myself when something that is so outrageous is thrust upon me with laughter.

So the threat came from the girls behind me to meet them after school because they were going to “kick my ass.” I had a small fear brewing inside my chest but went on with the day and just didn’t put much attention on it. The end of the day came and I went outside to find these girls and looked all around but they were no where to be seen.

Cowards! Nobody was going to get beaten up today.

I was confused. There was another neighbor in the same area that went to the same school. I remember each day around 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. she would come outside with her hair and makeup done. You could smell her perfume for 20 to 30 feet away. Her name was Shirley. I liked her fine and we always got along.

We were standing around talking with other kids in the neighborhood and suddenly she was on top of me and I was on the down on the ground. I was in shock and just laughed at her. That seemed to take the steam out of her and she let me up. What was that? Did those other girls ask her to jump on me?

After that I just stayed away from everyone and didn’t have any friends because I was better off. Instead I met a boy and that’s another story for another day.

Strange things bullies do. Bullying comes from people that want dominance over you for some reason. Maybe it’s for attention. Maybe it’s being jealous about some piece of you they don’t have and can’t get. Maybe I exuded acceptance and they couldn’t take it. Who knows?

I didn’t want to be dragged down to a lower level and be afraid. Sorry!

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