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J. Harris

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Think before you comment. Use some dignity and thought.

One of my articles got 84K impressions and 3,846 page views. I never saw anything like this on for the same article. But I also got around 57 comments. Most of them extremely nasty and vulgar. I must have hit a "hot" button. What a reaction! Still, it was very discouraging to note so many people that read this platform are down right 1) racist, 2) sexist, 3) stupid, and 4) ignorant of social dilemmas that people suffer from.

Nobody wants to hear your opinion and did your mother ever say to you, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." We are all struggling to educate the youth of America because most are stuck with their heads in their phones or gaming all day long and don't have anything to add to society. This is the reason this generation is dead in the water and doesn't know anything about building a future.

Yesterday, I took a short-cut and watched the movie "Atlas Shrugged" without reading the book as the typeset in the book I had was too frustratingly small and it gave me a headache to read. This is a story about the government of the US buying up all the industrial products and keeping them for themselves then sharing them with the public in a very limited way. There was starvation and no jobs. There was helplessness and hopelessness. All the "captains of industry" were made to disappear as well until there were no great minds anymore to build the world. The US and probably the world was all going to hell. I was looking for the movie "1984" but found this one and I'm glad I did. "Who is John Galt?"

If you don't know about history and social science you are doomed to live them. Someone has to be smart and say "NO!" when they know it is wrong to say "Yes."

I want to write on this platform but if ugly comments are a part of it then I'm done.

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