Killing Me Softly

J. Harris

Life and times of an abused woman.

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I was alone but not alone living in another country.

I was afraid but couldn’t show it when I was pregnant with twins.

I felt dumb because I didn’t know the language and needed help.

I felt isolated with no family or friends to talk to.

I felt ashamed that my husband did not want me anymore.

I felt blamed because he thought the babies were not his.

I was an emotional wreck when the money ran out in a foreign country.

I was a broken mess by the time we were rescued and were able to go back home.

But most of all I was so tired and exhausted.

I needed to be rescued and helped.

We needed a new family system to help me with twin babies and a mentally ill spouse.

I found refuge when it finally came and took advantage of it.

I found hope that we would finally be okay and be human again.

I found the love of my babies that kept me going to this day.

Their father gave up and killed himself which helped us all in the long run.

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I usually write about a lot of subject matter from my own personal life to animal behavior. Everything in between. I have been writing for over two years but have always been a writer and avid reader. I lived in Atlanta, GA for sixty years then moved to South Florida and it was a huge change for me. I write truth as I see it in hopes it will help others.

Plantation, FL

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