Coneheads. What Happened?

J. Harris

Every time I think of this movie I laugh because it was so funny and strange. It was tongue in cheek funny. Some of the funny parts were Prymaat eating insulation out of the wall while living in the RV while pregnant. They eat and pack away hoards of food never gaining a pound consuming mass quantities.

Their daughter’s boyfriend, Ronnie, played by Chris Farley is a very accurate depiction of a teenager in angst about sex, kissing, girlfriends, and Dads. It is funny watching him and I feel so bad that he died because he was the funniest guy. I’m sure David Spade misses him as well. They played in a lot of movies together.Where do you go to find a funny film?

Cone-headed extraterrestrials Beldar (Dan Aykroyd) and Prymaat (Jane Curtin) find themselves in New Jersey after a recon mission for their home planet of Remulak goes awry. Stranded, they are forced to live as typical suburban humans. Beldar gets a job, and daughter Connie (Michelle Burke) grows up to be a typical, if oddly shaped, teenager. When INS agents start investigating the family and Beldar receives sinister orders from Remulak, the Coneheads must decide where their allegiance lies. Source: Google.

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The daughter’s head was always a little to the left which was funny. It never looked settled but if it straightened out the front was really low.

In my opinion, the movie was pretty funny and outrageous, because it was so weird. A lot of my favorite actors were in it when they were young. Some have gone now. It was 1993 after all.

I don’t think the movie was appreciated as it should have been.

The INS did its part as the bad guys. Beldar gets work as an appliance repairman, and when his grateful boss, Otto, discovers that Beldar has no documentation, he arranges for a false identity, which sends up a red flag that quickly alerts the INS, because there were so many people with this specific name.

The movie goes on with the INS on their heels, then they are picked up by their home planet with a huge magnet coming down from the ship and returned to Remulak along with the INS guys who were in their car.

I love David Spade as the bosses kiss-up and he never changed throughout the movie. Since he was left on the planet he found his niche with the big man and followed through without a hitch. (This was when he was cute.)

They are happy about returning. But some things don’t go their way anymore and Beldar has to kill the Garthok.

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Beldar is in trouble because he has had dental bonding which on Remulak is a sign of treason. He kills the Garthok with his golf swing by hitting a rock into its throat and it chokes to death. This earns him the honor of returning to Earth to kill the occupants.

He sets up a way to get to Earth along with the battleships but gets them to go back to their planet, his ship explodes and they return to Earth unharmed.

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They are home and return to their lives on Earth with a teenager that want’s to have sex with her boyfriend, Ronnie, the Prom, and photos, “memories.”

Some people loved it and some people hated it. I just saw it again and I loved it and laughed all the way through. I hope you get to view it “again” and check out the hilarity. It is also very nostalgic to me remembering a number of these great comics. Some are gone but most are still here with us still making us laugh.

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