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NYC Couchsurfers Share Their Fondest Memories

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One of the things travelers value about Couchsurfing are the connections made with people worldwide. From quick but meaningful encounters to lifelong friendships, these New York City surfers share their fondest memories from their trips to the Big Apple.

Mary, Canada

“Four years ago, I had planned a solo trip to NYC and wanted to do the whole thing through Couchsurfing with locals. I spent hours going through profiles and reading people’s stories until I found Kay. From the moment we were first in touch, we were fast friends. However, unfortunately due to unexpected issues my trip had to be cancelled. Fast forward two years, I tried again to go to NYC. This time, I made it! Kay and I had stayed in touch, so it was pretty cool to meet her after two years of long-distance Couchsurfing friendship!”

Ibo, Turkey

“My Couchsurfing host welcomed me and one of my friends from England for a few days. At the end of our stay, she invited me to come along to a playback theatre. We became quite close and kept in touch. Four months later, while I was staying in Boston, I took a bus to New York only to drink a Turkish coffee and talk about energy with her. She is one of the best hosts I’ve met, and like a sister to me. “

Laura, Germany

“I spent a few days in Manhattan with a close friend. Our local host convinced us to join him on a three hour bike ride through the city, despite the cold weather (it started snowing halfway through the ride!). It was one of my coolest experiences in New York that I will never forget. Couchsurfing not only gives you the opportunity to find a free place to sleep in different parts of the world—you also get to meet people and make new friends who are warm and open, show you their home and share insider tips on the places they live in.”

Alexis, Argentina

“I was out of money and some friends from Argentina were Couchsurfing in Brooklyn. I joined them for two weeks. There were other surfers from Germany, Algeria, Peru, México, Spain, Canada and the US. One of the people I met was from Spain. He went to NYC to sing his songs throughout the city, and one day we accompanied him and sang along. Every day, someone arrived and another person left. I made many friends and went to the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown and other places. For many, it was their first time Couchsurfing. Great trust was generated and we all ended up being friends. I hope to meet them again and will remember those incredible moments.”

Reena, India

“Last year, I was Couchsurfing for the first time and wasn’t sure how it worked. But it turned out to be the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had, in a new city with people I had just met. I not only felt safe, but I felt like home. My host in NYC is the most beautiful human with the kindest soul ever. Reflecting on what a special human she is restores my faith in humanity. It was her hospitality which felt like home in a new city and she became my sister. We had dinner, played games, had many girly chats, hung out and cooked for other Couchsurfers. My take on Couchsurfing is that the humans we come across, both hosts and surfers, can make the experience either delightful or dreadful. In my case, I was fortunate to have a delightful experience and wonderful memories to remember and share. I would love to host such beautiful humans in my home.”

Stella, Germany

“Staying with Cory in NYC has been one of my best Couchsurfing experiences ever! He welcomed me and my friend with open arms—as friends, not as strangers. When we arrived, he immediately asked us if we wanted to have some drinks with him and his friend who was visiting, and they made us feel more than welcome. Also, he provided us with great tips and got us a guidebook and city map of NYC. He showed us around town and we got to see many great things we probably wouldn’t have seen without him. That’s what I love about Couchsurfing: getting to know great people from around the world, while also getting insider tips from locals!”

Thomas, United States

“Couchsurfing in New York has introduced me to some of the most amazing people from all around the world. I’ve learned so much about different cultures, countries, and, most importantly, people. The relationships I made during that time have been one of my life’s great blessings. Every person I’ve met has added to my life and helped me grow as a person. I look forward to how these relationships will continue to grow, as well as the new ones to gain from the community that is Couchsurfing.”

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