The Broken Wand of Jericho!

J. A. Jackson

In a parallel world, hidden behind the veils of our reality, lay a realm known as Jericho. It was a place where magic thrived, where the ordinary and the extraordinary danced together in an intricate tapestry of secrets and power. In this mystical realm, the most revered figure was not the Queen of England as known in the human world, but rather, she was the High Priestess Witch of the First Order, whose magical powers were the stuff of legends.

Centuries ago, in the heart of Jericho, there lived a young
witch named Elara. She had an insatiable curiosity, a fire that burned within
her, driving her to seek knowledge that went beyond the realms of human
understanding. Elara's quest led her to uncover a long-guarded secret—a secret
so powerful that it could change the course of history.

The legend spoke of a magical wand, a creation forged in the
fires of the ancient Pagan Rituals. This wand was said to have been wielded by
the very first High Priestess Witch of Jericho, who possessed unparalleled
magical abilities. The wand was the embodiment of her power, a conduit to the
energies of the universe. As generations passed, the wand was passed down from
one High Priestess Witch to another, each adding their own unique spells and

However, there came a time when the wand's power began to wane.
The world of Jericho was facing unprecedented challenges and the High
Priestess Witch of the time, Eleanor, recognized that the wand's power was
needed more than ever. Desperate to preserve her world, she embarked on a
perilous journey to seek a way to restore the wand's strength.

Eleanor ventured into the human realm, where she sought out the
Queen of England, who, unbeknownst to the human world, was also a powerful
witch in Jericho. The two witches, from different worlds, formed an unlikely
alliance. Together, they discovered a dark prophecy that foretold the wand's
demise and the consequences it would bring to Jericho.

With the clock ticking, Eleanor and the Queen of England, whose
true name in Jericho was Seraphina, decided to perform a dangerous ritual that
involved sacrificing a part of their own magical essence to rejuvenate the
wand. The ritual was successful, but it came at a great cost. The wand absorbed
the excess magic, causing it to crack and break, rendering it too unstable to

Realizing the gravity of their actions, Eleanor and Seraphina
made a solemn pact. They sealed the broken wand and placed it over a casket
deep within the heart of Jericho, hidden from the prying eyes of all who sought
its power. This act of sacrifice, the breaking of the wand, remained a secret
known only to a select few in Jericho, including the council of elders.

As centuries passed, the legend of the broken wand faded into
obscurity, and the world of Jericho faced new challenges. Yet, the memory of
Eleanor and Seraphina's sacrifice lived on, a testament to the lengths they had
gone to protect their realm.

Little did anyone know that the fate of Jericho still hung in
the balance, for the broken wand, held the key to a power that could save their
world or plunge it into darkness. The Secret of the Queen of England's
shattered wand remained buried deep within the heart of Jericho, waiting for
the time when its true significance would be revealed once more.

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J.A. Jackson is the pseudonym for an author, who loves to write deliciously sultry adult romantic, suspenseful, entertaining novels with a unique twist. She lives in an enchanted little house she calls home in the Northern California foothills.

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