Scary Movie Hunt: "Veronica" a Ouija Thriller with Jump Scares Galore

An Analysis of the Spanish Horror 'Veronica' (2017).Photo bySony Pictures Releasing

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Will A Real Scary Movie Please Stand Up?

"Veronica (2017): Spain’s Spine-Tingler With Room for Improvement"

Journeying Beyond The Jump Scares: An Analysis of the Spanish Horror 'Veronica'

For those who relentlessly scour the genre in search of the next REAL scare, you may want to add the Spanish horror film "Veronica" (2017) to your list.

Released to a largely positive reception, the film delivers on its promise of fright, evoking the hair-raising fear that makes it a worthy entrant to the world of horror.

However, our quest for a truly terrifying masterpiece is still on, and "Veronica" may not completely fulfill that longing for heart-pounding, soul-shaking horror.
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“Veronica” masterfully layers its narrative with unsettling, uncanny moments that stand tall in the annals of horror cinema.

The film’s ability to execute jump scares is commendable and punctuates the overall eerie atmosphere.

While it may not keep you awake for nights on end, it does offer an ample amount of skin-crawling moments to keep the adrenaline pumping.

The film captures the essence of horror, from its carefully crafted aesthetics to the chillingly dark cinematography.

Aesthetically, the film is a success. The unsettling imagery throughout "Veronica" draws you in and holds your gaze, almost daring you to look away.

Director Paco Plaza, known for his work in the "REC" series, leverages his expertise in the genre to offer a visually engaging and atmospherically unsettling film that is worthy of the genre title of “Horror.”
Director Paco Plaza is known for his work on REC.Photo bySony Pictures Releasing

While "Veronica" successfully checks the boxes of a traditional horror film, it falls short on a key aspect - the evolution of the protagonist's goal.

The film, unfortunately, does not present us with a clear-cut journey or development of the central character, Veronica.

The essence of a character's progression and the dynamism of their goals play a vital role in constructing a compelling narrative, allowing audiences to connect with the story at a deeper level.

In the case of "Veronica," this facet of storytelling seems to have been overshadowed by the emphasis on fear and terror.
While "Veronica" successfully checks the boxes of a traditional horror film, it falls short on a key aspect.Photo bySony Pictures Releasing

The lack of a definitive goal evolution for Veronica could perhaps leave viewers with a lingering sense of dissatisfaction.

It is this journey, this evolution that often provides a story with its resonance and depth. Without it, a narrative can risk falling into a monotonous pattern, losing the opportunity to engage with the audience on a deeper, more substantial level.

“Veronica” delivers a decent viewing experience for horror enthusiasts and adds an international flavor to the genre. It provides a handful of well-crafted jump scares and an eerie ambiance that certainly warrants it as a worthy watch.

However, the film's potential is undermined by its lack of a transformative journey for the protagonist. This is a flaw that could hold it back from standing alongside the truly great, character-driven horror films that remain etched in our collective memory.

"Veronica" (2017) is a worthwhile entry in the horror genre that will give you a few spine-chilling moments. However, if you're in search of a movie that leaves a more profound impact and keeps you glued to the screen, your search continues.

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