30+ New Movies Coming to Streamers in June 2023, Disney, Hulu, Prime, Apple TV and more


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Over 30 new movies hitting streamers this June, here's what to know...

As the sun begins to shine brighter and summer days grow longer, the world of streaming is set to keep you hooked with an array of cinematic delights.

This June, your favorite platforms are gearing up to entertain, enthrall and enlighten you with a slew of new releases, showcasing the best of drama, comedy, action, thriller, and much more.

From soul-stirring documentaries to mind-bending sci-fi, and from riveting sports dramas to heart-warming family animations, get ready to embark on a spellbinding journey through an eclectic blend of stories.

Brace yourself, because this June is about to add a generous dollop of fun, thrill, and emotion to your summer viewing experience.

Your Streaming Diary: Unveiling the Blockbuster Hits Coming This June

June 1: "A Beautiful Life" (Netflix) - Drama, Romance, Music Tagline: "When melodies blend with destinies, life is indeed beautiful."

June 2: "Shooting Stars" (Peacock) - Drama, Sports, True Story Tagline: "Chasing dreams on and off the court."

June 2: "Mercy" (VOD/Digital) - Action, Thriller Tagline: "The only option is survival."

June 2: "Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets" (PrimeVideo) - Documentary Tagline: "Unmasking truths beneath the smiles."

June 2: "Medellín" (PrimeVideo) - Comedy Tagline: "Where every day is a riot."

June 2: "Simulant" (VOD/Digital) - Thriller, Sci-Fi Tagline: "Reality is a construct, danger is not."

June 2: "Koko: A Red Dog Story" (VOD/Digital) - Comedy Tagline: "A dog, a dream, a comedy of errors."

June 6: "Origami in the Garden" (VOD/Digital) - Documentary Tagline: "Nature's beauty, folded in paper."

June 6: "Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story" (VOD/Digital) - Documentary Tagline: "Every dream has a dark side."

June 7: "Avatar: The Way of Water" (Disney+, MAX) - Action, Sequel, Fantasy Tagline: "A new journey begins beneath the waves."

June 8: "My Fault" (PrimeVideo) - Drama Tagline: "Burdened by guilt, redeemed by truth."

June 9: "Brooklyn 45" (Shudder) - Thriller, Horror Tagline: "In the shadows, fear thrives."

June 9: "Heroes of the Golden Mask" (VOD/Digital) - Family, Animation Tagline: "Magic, mystery and the power of friendship."

June 9: "The Wonder Weeks" (Netflix) - Comedy Tagline: "Where growing pains meet laughter."

June 9: "Flamin’ Hot" (Disney+, Hulu) - Drama, True Story Tagline: "An extraordinary journey of an ordinary man."

June 9: "Unidentified Objects" (VOD/Digital) - Drama, Comedy Tagline: "Life's absurdity, one object at a time."

June 9: "The Crowded Room" (Apple TV+) - Drama, Crime Tagline: "One room, many secrets."

June 9: "Aloners" (VOD/Digital) - Drama Tagline: "Solitude, the silent storm."

June 13: "Bone Cold" (VOD/Digital) - Action, Thriller Tagline: "In the frost, fear festers."

June 13: "Crescent Gang" (VOD/Digital) - Family Tagline: "An unconventional family with an unbreakable bond."

June 13: "Americonned" (VOD/Digital) - Documentary Tagline: "Unveiling the great American con."

June 14: "Our Planet II" (Netflix) - Documentary Tagline: "Nature's stories, retold."

June 16: "Extraction 2" (Netflix) - Action, Sequel Tagline: "Return of the savior. Deadlier than ever."

June 16: "Midday Black Midnight Blue" (VOD/Digital) - Drama Tagline: "Dwelling in shadows, seeking the light."

June 19: "Black Lotus" (VOD/Digital) - Action Tagline: "Beneath the bloom lies the blade."

June 20: "I Am T-Rex" (VOD/Digital) - Family, Animation Tagline: "Bigger, bolder, and roar-some!"

June 20: "Surrounded" (VOD/Digital) - Action, Thriller, Western Tagline: "Where the wild meets the ruthless."

June 20: "South Beach Shark Club" (VOD/Digital) - Documentary Tagline: "Meet the guardians of the deep."

June 21: "Secret Invasion" (Disney+) - Action, Adventure Tagline: "Trust no one, suspect everyone."

June 23: "The Perfect Find" (Netflix) - Comedy, Romance, Adaptation, Based on Book Tagline: "Love is the perfect find."

June 23: "Through My Window: Across the Sea" (Netflix) - Drama, Comedy, Romance Tagline: "Sometimes love is just a glance away."

June 24: "Rise" (Disney+) - Drama, Biography, Sports Tagline: "Victory is sweeter after the fall."

June 27: "R.A.D.A.R.: The Bionic Dog" (VOD/Digital) - Family, Animation Tagline: "Unleashing the power of friendship and technology."

Be ready to grab your popcorn as your favorite streaming platforms bring you these blockbuster releases! With a range of genres from heart-wrenching dramas, chilling thrillers, true stories, hilarious comedies, and insightful documentaries, June promises to be a month full of exciting entertainment.

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