8 Ways to Listen to an Audiobook

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I felt awkward the first time I listened to an audiobook.

I just listen? I thought. I can’t even have something to look at?

I wasn’t always good at sitting still and listening. Plus, unless you have your own space or room, you look strange, and someone’s always coming up to you to ask if you’re okay.

If you think listening to an audiobook is weird too, here’s what I did to make it less so.

1. Do something while you listen to the book

You can’t do an activity that will distract you and make you focus on that rather than the book.

You need a mindless activity. I’ve found that coloring, doodling, and building puzzles are simple enough.

2. Lay down

For some strange reason, people will question you if you just sit, but no one will question you if you’re lying down.

I use audiobooks as an excuse to lay lazily in bed. The only issue with this is you’ll probably fall asleep twenty-minutes in.

3. Pace or go for a walk

My neighborhood isn’t the safest, so I don’t go for walks around my neighborhood. That’s why I pace my room.

I’ll walk back and forth five steps and listen to my audiobook as I do that. It’s also an excellent way to get the blood flowing in your legs.

4. Listen while you drive

I don’t drive, so I listen to my book as someone else drives. Rather than listening to that new Camila Cabello single for the tenth time, play your audiobook.

5. While you work out

I didn’t do this for a long time because I love listening to music since it gives me that extra push of motivation.

However, listening to an audiobook makes the exercise more enjoyable, plus it distracts you so much that you sometimes forget the burning in your arms and legs.

6. Before bed

Luckily, audiobooks have timers. You can fall asleep to your book and set it to stop playing after a specific time. If you fall asleep before the timer runs out, go back to the last thing you heard and listen again in the morning.

Fair warning: the book might be so good you won’t want to turn it off, and you’ll lose sleep.

7. As you clean

I usually spend an hour cleaning my room every day. I share it with two sisters, so it can never go a full day without gathering piles of clothes on the chair. Plus, we live in a very dusty area.

Since I take so much time cleaning, I started listening to books as I did so. Sometimes, the part I’m in is so interesting that I’ll make up ways to keep cleaning to keep listening.

8. In the in-between moments

We have a lot of spare moments. (Just look at your social media screen time.) I listen to books, especially when I’m trying to reach a reading goal, during commercial breaks, or when I have to wash a couple of dishes.

Those in-between moments are perfect times to listen to your book because you’re not doing anything. Rather than scrolling or burning your eyes out, pop your headphones in.

Final Words

Listening to audiobooks doesn’t need to be boring. It’s all about attaching something else to it or using it as an excuse to lay in bed for an hour.

A pro tip: if you have a library card, then you can check out audiobooks on Libby, an online library.

Reading is fucking fun, and you learn so much about life. Enjoy it, and lose yourself in your novels unapologetically.

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