You Know Your Life is Better When You Stop Watching Gary Vee

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I want you to stop watching my videos and go do something. That’s what Gary Vee used to say often. He wanted his viewers, readers, and listeners to stop consuming and take action instead.

The problem is that people don’t know what that “something” is. Or if they do know what they want to do, they don’t start because they’re afraid.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life exactly, which is why I watched his videos often. YouTube, Instagram, podcasts — I followed him everywhere. Like anyone else who watches Gary Vee, I felt like he held the answers to the undiscovered questions I had.

I think we can all agree that Gary Vee’s one of the coolest people on Earth. He’s energetic, motivational, humble, kind. He makes you feel okay with where you’re at in life — even if you’re at the bottom.

It’s why he has millions of followers ranging from all ages. But I have to say: It’s been a year, more than a year, since I stopped consuming his content. I genuinely never thought I would.

Why did I stop? I didn’t need it anymore.

People watch Gary Vee because he makes them feel like they’re not fucking up their life. He’s reassuring and inspirational.

When you’re lost, confused, or down in the dumps, he’s the guy to watch. But at some point, you won’t be any of those things anymore. You’re going to stop watching him, and that’s when you’ll know your life is better.

We only look toward motivational content when we need motivation. But if you’re building a life for yourself, taking action, and doing what you love, you don’t need more inspirational messages.

Your own drive and motivation push you. That’s not to say you can’t learn from Gary Vee anymore — you just don’t need him to make you feel good about your life anymore because you did exactly what he wanted you to do: You stopped listening, and took action.

And if you hadn’t realized it, that’s a win.

Everything that Gary Vee told you to do, you did it. You may have not even realized it. You started and now you’re here, persisting. You’re showing up and working hard. Maybe you’re building connections with people and dedicating real time to your dream.

Everything you dreamed about doing, you’re living. All those words you spoke aloud became realities.

Gary Vee says a lot of the same things over and over again. Sometimes he gets crap for it. So, why does he keep doing it? For the next person who needs a push.

He helped us, but now he has to help the next person in line. Until they don’t need his words anymore either.

If Gary Vee sounds repetitive to you now, it’s because you don’t need to listen to him anymore. You’re not tired of his content. You own goals and career push you to wake up now.

You can move on and listen to someone else — someone who will teach you about the specific dream you’re following.

There will be times when you fall and need a helping hand, a boost of motivation, but all in all, you’re a good place. You just haven’t acknowledged it.

You’re here now. You’re no longer the person who needed to drag herself out of bed. You’re no longer the man who needed to watch Gary Vee every morning to feel like he could do anything.

You overcame everything dragging you down, defeated your fears, stopped listening to your excuses, and did exactly Gary Vee told you to do.

You did something about it. Now you just have to keep doing.

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