Playing on a golf course for the first time: tips from one newbie to another🏌️‍♀️

Golf is known to be a relaxing sport but when you just start playing, hitting balls at a golf course can be so nerve wracking and intimidating. Now that I feel a bit more comfortable playing courses, I want to go back and share some experience and tips for your first trip to the golf course.

First question I asked myself before going to the course for the first time was: am I ready for it? Before going to my first course, I took a couple of golf lessons, and practiced at driving range for about a month. Before I hit the course, I was able to basically hit straight and high with a sand wedge and felt pretty comfortable with the club and putter I had. So my coach greenlit me for a golf course.

Arroyo Seco in Pasadena was the first course I’ve ever played and it was pretty suitable for beginners. I booked a tee time for a random workday afternoon so no-one is watching me when I hit (I was really self-conscious about my swing at that time) the course was def on the shorter side - 127 was the longest yardage for a 9 hole so it was not too intimidating. A club, a putter and a can of beer was all I brought to that course since I didn’t have a whole set of club at that time.

Beer definitely helped me calm the nerve and it was surprisingly an enjoyable experience! I actually went back to the same course a month after and did much better - it was such a satisfying experience! I’m not a golf expert and definitely am still learning everyday, but thought it was worth sharing every step of the journey so you don’t feel alone! Good luck kicking butt on your first course!⛳ ⛳

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