Top 5 taco stands in LA for the most satisfying meal🌮

Hands greasy, stomach satisfied, chatting with strangers standing nearby - taco truck is an essential part of LA experience. It doesn’t matter if you live in LA or just visiting, if you just crave a bite or you need a full-blown drunchies to soak up the leftover alcohol in your system, hitting a taco truck is the way to go. Here’s a list of top five taco trucks in LA that can bring you straight to meat heaven 🌮

1. Ave 26 taco stand


Where else can you get $1.25 tacos? Ave 26’s tacos are small but they are little pieces of heaven fallen on earth. Besides the fresh meat and perfect grill, their sauce stand has everything you’ll ever need for tacos: green sauce, red sauce, grilled onions, regular onions, potatoes, limes, cilantro etc. The street is always packed with amazing vibes. Besides this taco stand, you can also find a dozen other trucks and stands with churros, desserts, drinks and even clothes. An iconic LA experience you’ll never wanna miss! One and only annoying thing: it’s impossible to drive through the busy street and hard to find parking nearby.

2. Pepe’s red tacos


The truck has multiple locations in LA but the one in Olympic Blvd is the best. I mean, they literally give you an entire bone marrow so you can scrap off that juicy marrow into your taco. The slow cooked beef brisket is juicy, tender, flavorful, spicy. If you are ever in a situation where you need one last meal, here it is.

3. Leo’s tacos


Quick and efficient service at this spot can make your taco experience extra👌 Leo’s tacos are tasty and fresh and the portion is amazing for the price that you pay. Their El pastor tacos are fire and definitely one of the best in town: but the cherry top is the little piece of pineapple on top of the taco. The sweet and savory combo is out of this earth.

4. Carnitas El Momo


Massive serving size at this spot hidden in LA. One taco here almost equals 2-3 tacos at other trucks. You can message ahead to place an order so you get your food faster. Get their well-seasoned, moist and tender pork shoulder, pork skin and pork stomach tacos: open them up, mix and match so you can have a bit of everything in each taco. I really had fun with this one! The only con is parking really sucks at the spot.

5. El Flamin’ Taco


Always a long line at this spot in Ktown but always worth the wait. One of the best El pastor taco spots in town. They freshly shave off meat and a big chunk of pineapple for your tacos. Beside el pastor, their cabaza is also tender and juicy with intense amazing flavor. Their sauce is rich and flavorful - make sure you try the avocado sauce with your taco as well! There have been complaints that their taco quality has been unstable recently, but still definitely a top five in LA.

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