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Looking for Corn Dogs in the Suburbs of Cleveland? You Should Check Out This Place in Westlake, Ohio

Isla Chiu

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The other day, I was in the mood for something delicious and fried.

As a result, I decided to head to the Westlake location of Mochinut, a franchise that is known for their mochi donuts, a unique kind of donut made with rice flour.

But I wasn't interested in the donuts (though they did sound like something I would enjoy). I was interested in a savory offering on Mochinut's menu - Korean corn dogs.

I ordered two corn dogs: the original half & half corn dog ($4.99) and the potato half & half corn dog ($5.75). I also got a brown sugar bubble tea ($6.25).

I first received my brown sugar bubble tea. It wasn't bad - if a little milk-forward - and it had a good level of sweetness. But since Pacific East is nearby and - in my humble opinion - has better bubble tea at a similar price point, I wouldn't come back to Mochinut just for the bubble tea.

The corn dogs, however? A totally different story.

The shop had a sign that said to please be patient when getting corn dogs because they're made to order. For me, at least, the sign wasn't necessary. I didn't end up waiting that long for my corn dogs, and they were ready before I finished my bubble tea.

My corn dogs came in a Styrofoam box inside a paper bag. I ripped the paper bag like a wildebeest (I was hungry). When I opened the box, I was greeted by the sight of two tasty-looking corn dogs.

What makes Korean corn dogs different from American ones is mainly the batter. While American corn dogs are typically covered in a cornmeal batter, Korean corn dogs are covered in a rice flour batter.

I thought the rice flour batter was great and crispy. My corn dogs were called "half and half" because of the filling, which was half mozzarella cheese and half hot dog (and all tasty). The mozzarella had an excellent stretch (and was very much worth the havoc it wreaked on my lactose-intolerant self), and the hot dog was juicy.

One of my corn dogs had just the deep-fried rice flour batter, and the other one had the batter plus potatoes. I enjoyed both corn dogs, but I think in the future, I would opt for just the rice flour batter or try the ramen-covered corn dog. The potatoes weren't bad, but I didn't feel like they added too much flavor-wise.

I can't vouch for the corn dogs' authenticity or lack thereof, but I believe Korean corn dogs are typically dusted with sugar. Mochinut's corn dogs weren't dusted with sugar, but they did have sugar on the side, and I sprinkled sugar all over my corn dogs to get a delicious mix of sweet and savory.

They also offered some sauces on the side. I saw packets of Cholula hot sauce, sweet chili, and mango habanero. I tried the sweet chili and mango habanero sauces. I'm actually not quite sure if I liked either of the sauces, but I kept coming back to them, so maybe I did like them, haha.

The corn dogs, however - I definitely liked them and will most certainly get more of them in the future.

Mochinut is located at 26161 Detroit Rd, Westlake, OH 44145.

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