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Looking for a Burger or Hot Dog in the Cleveland Area? You Should Check Out This Place in Parma, Ohio

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The other day, I was craving some classic American food, specifically a burger and hot dog. To satisfy my craving, I went to Hot Dog Diner, a beloved local restaurant in Parma, Ohio which was voted the best hot dog in Greater Cleveland by readers.

The family-owned joint recently reopened their dining area, which I was pleased to find out. Getting takeout and drive-throughs were much appreciated options during the height of the pandemic, but to me at least, nothing beats sitting down at a table and getting food that's fresh and hot from the kitchen.

I ordered a classic chili dog and a pierogi burger with fries.

In addition to being fresh and hot from the kitchen, my food was delicious.

The frank inside my hot dog was plump and juicy. The chili on top, though being non-traditional (one of the owners hates beans, so the restaurant's chili contains no beans), was tasty and a great complement to the frank.

My fries were also delightful. They were crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and not overly salty.

And although the restaurant is named after their hot dogs, I thought that the burger I had was even better. The beef patty was fresh and juicy. The burger was topped with a potato-filled pierogi, grilled onions, sour cream, and cheese (am I lactose-intolerant? Yes. Would I have eaten another pierogi burger with all of the dairy-containing fixings? Absolutely).

Not only was the food pleasing to my taste-buds, but it was also easy on my wallet. For a hot dog, burger, fries, and soda (my meal also came with a drink), my meal cost $13.24, and that's with tax included. That's around the same price as a combo meal at a national fast food chain (if not a little cheaper). And I don't know about you, but I've never seen a pierogi burger on the menus of the big fast food chains.

Also, Hot Dog Diner has Diet Dr. Pepper, which in my humble opinion, is one of the better diet sodas. Often, the only diet soda I see at restaurants is diet cola, so I was very happy to have Diet Dr. Pepper as an option.

In addition, the service I received was exceedingly friendly and welcoming.

So if you're in the mood for a burger or hot dog and you find yourself in Parma, why not go with a great small business like Hot Dog Diner?

Hot Dog Diner is located at 5494 Pearl Rd, Parma, OH 44129.

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