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This Place at Great Northern Mall Serves Surprisingly Good Hibachi Chicken and Sushi

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I've always been wary about sushi that comes from mall food courts. Though I never had an unfortunate experience with sushi from the mall, I always thought that mall food court sushi would be like sushi from the airport or a gas station - i.e., something to avoid at all costs.

The other day, after watching a movie at the theater in Great Northern Mall, I was hungry and decided to grab something from the food court. TJ Hibachi & Sushi is one of the few non-national-chain places there, so I stopped by there.

I wasn't hesitant about the hibachi part. The hibachi chicken looked good, and the smell of it cooking made my mouth water. However, I was definitely hesitant about the sushi part. Sushi from the mall food court - could it actually be good or would I end up regretting my decision like that time I got a California roll from a random gas station?

I hedged my bets and got a combo meal with a tuna roll, hibachi chicken, and vegetables. If the tuna roll turned out to be terrible, I could at least count on the hibachi chicken.

The hibachi chicken was delicious. It was delightfully greasy in that way only grub from mall food courts can be and dripping with a tasty sauce, which was great on the generous bed of white rice. The vegetables were also good and fresh, and to my delight, I got plenty of mushrooms (I'm a self-proclaimed freak for mushrooms).

But what about the sushi? Well, I took a bite of the tuna roll and...

It was surprisingly pretty good.

Of course, it wasn't premium sushi - it is inexpensive sushi from a mall food court, after all - but it was miles better than gas station sushi. The color of the tuna was vibrant, and the fish was fresh and not unpleasantly fishy.

Would I be willing to try more sushi rolls from TJ Hibachi & Sushi?

Actually, yes.

TJ Hibachi & Sushi is located at 198 Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, OH 44070.

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