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If You're Looking for a Great Slice of Pizza, You Should Check Out This Place in Middleburg Heights, Ohio

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After my friend and I saw Where the Crawdads Sing at the movie theater (a good movie for fans of the novel, which both my friend and I are), we were hungry.

Since we were in Middleburg Heights, we decided to check out Capri Pizza.

Unlike other pizza places in the area, Capri Pizza offers pizza by the slice, which is great if you don't feel like ordering a whole pie. But since my gluttonous self can never do just one slice of pizza, I got two slices of their cheese pizza.

Capri Pizza offers NY-style pizza with the traditional thin crust. Since I'm not a New Yorker, I can't say if it's just like the slices in the Big Apple (but many reviews on Google and Yelp say Capri Pizza pretty much nailed it!), but I can say that my slices were delicious.

If done wrong, plain cheese pizza can be boring, but I was perfectly satisfied with Capri Pizza's cheese pizza. Despite the absence of toppings, the cheese pizza offered plenty of flavor on its own (it had just the right amount of oregano), and the crust was crisp with just a hint of char, just the way I like it.

The slices were also huge, and just one slice would make for a decent lunch. But my gluttonous self ordered two additional slices (perhaps I should've ordered a whole pizza).

I got a third slice of the cheese pizza and a slice of the white pie. The white pizza was also tasty and had a good amount of garlic (but I wouldn't recommend ordering the white pizza on a date!).

If you're looking for a quick lunch, you can't go wrong with a slice at Capri Pizza. One slice will run you $4.85. Capri Pizza does accept credit cards, but if you use one, you'll be charged a 50-cent credit card usage fee.

Capri Pizza is located at 18340 Bagley Rd A, Cleveland, OH 44130.

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