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This Cleveland Chain Continues To Serve Delicious Ice Cream

Isla Chiu
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I'm a little thing called lactose-intolerant. Does that stop me from eating ice cream that contains all of the dairy?

Absolutely not. It especially doesn't stop me from eating delicious ice cream that contains all of the dairy.

The other week, I was craving the sweet treat. Since I was in Strongsville, I decided to head to Mitchell's, which remains one of my favorite places to get ice cream.

A single scoop of ice cream would have been indulgent enough (and more than enough to wreak havoc on my digestive system!). But I was feeling extra-indulgent, so I got the Cleveland Brownie Sundae (is my dentist weeping yet?).

If I were being somewhat sensible, I could have swapped the vanilla ice cream in the sundae for one of Mitchell's vegan flavors, which are delicious and much kinder to my body. But that banana cream pie ice cream just looked so good.

So of course, I got the Cleveland Brownie Sundae with a scoop of banana cream pie.

In addition to a brownie, my sundae came with hot fudge, salted pecans, whipped cream, and a single Bordeaux cherry.

The brownie at the bottom was soft and so fudgy. Utterly delicious, if utterly terrible for my teeth. The hot fudge and whipped cream were great as well, and the pecans added a nice, lightly salty crunch.

But of course, the banana cream pie ice cream was the star of the show. I am largely indifferent to fresh bananas and despise most things banana-flavored, but I love Mitchell's banana cream pie ice cream. The ice cream didn't have that artificial banana flavor I loathe and tasted like real banana. There was also a delightful marshmallow ribbon and bits of shortbread crust. The texture was, as always, smooth and creamy, and I ate every lactose-containing bit of my ice cream.

Did I have trouble in the bathroom later? Yep.

Was it worth it? Yep.

The Strongsville location of Mitchell's is located at 18832 Westwood Dr, Strongsville, OH 44136. For other locations, go to their website.

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