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Looking for a Seafood Boil in Greater Cleveland? You Should Check Out This Restaurant in Independence, Ohio

Isla Chiu
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Last week, I tried a seafood boil for the first time.

And I loved it!

Since I was in Independence, Ohio, I went to Rockside Corners Shopping Center and got my seafood boil at Lobster & Pho, a restaurant that offers Cajun-style seafood boils and Vietnamese pho noodles. I was bewildered by the concept but also intrigued.

I didn't get to try the restaurant's pho, but I got to say that I enjoyed the heck out of the restaurant's seafood boil.

When I visited, they were offering $25 seafood boil specials, and I decided to order one of them. The special I got included a big snow crab leg, half a pound of mussels, baby potatoes, corn on the cob, and sausage.

At Lobster & Pho, you can choose your spice level and choose your seafood boil to be seasoned with either Cajun butter, garlic butter, lemon pepper butter, or plain butter. Because I'm a certified spice wimp, I got a mild level of spice. As for seasoning, I went with garlic butter.

My seafood boil came in a bucket. My server also gave me crab leg crackers, a bib, and gloves. If you've never had a seafood boil, trust me when I say that a bib and gloves are extremely necessary because consuming a seafood boil can get messy. You can't exactly eat a seafood boil with a knife and fork. I mean, you can try, but to make things easier for yourself, I suggest putting the gloves and bib on, and digging in with your hands.
Tools you will need to eat your seafood boilPhoto by the author

Without the bib, I would've totally ruined my shirt with butter stains, and without the gloves, I would've spent hours cleaning the butter and seafood smell off my hands. Though I tried to be neat, I couldn't help leaving a bit of a mess on the table, which prompted me to send the staff many apologetic glances and to leave my server a big tip. But if the employees did happen to be annoyed, they didn't show it; throughout my meal, the staff was always friendly, and my server frequently refilled my glass of water.

Although my meal was messy, it was delicious. The garlic butter seasoning might have been mild on spice (just the way my wimpy taste-buds like it!), but it was big on flavor. The mussels and crab leg were also fresh. Happily, I opened my mussels and slurped the subtly sweet meat. And joyously, I cracked my crab leg open and consumed the tender meat. The sausage, potatoes, and corn were also great, and I emptied the contents of my seafood boil bag into my pleased belly.

When I start making more money with my writing and/or get a boyfriend (both scenarios currently look unlikely to happen but are not impossible!), I hope to tackle the Seafood Trio boil, which includes a pound of snow crab legs, a pound of shrimp, and a whole lobster.

Until then, I'll definitely visit Lobster & Pho again in the future for more of their lower-priced seafood boils, and I also want to try their pho, which I hear is great as well.

Lobster & Pho is located at 6901 Rockside Rd, Independence, OH 44131.

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