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Looking for Frozen Yogurt in the Suburbs of Cleveland? You Should Check Out This Shop in Berea, Ohio

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I love frozen yogurt. It's yummy, and I like to think I'm being healthy when I'm eating it, though it's full of sugar and probably only slightly healthier than ice cream. However, frozen yogurt is definitely easier on my lactose-intolerant body than ice cream is!

I used to get my fro-yo fix at Menchie's, but recently, my friend and I tried going to the Menchie's in Ridge Park Square, and we were both dismayed to find that the location was permanently closed. We were even more dismayed when we discovered that Menchie's had closed down all of their Northeast Ohio shops due to the pandemic.

Oh no, where was I going to get my fro-yo fix now?!

Fortunately, there is a locally-owned frozen yogurt shop on the west side near me called Igloo Frozen Yogurt and Treats in Berea, Ohio.

The other day, I decided to treat myself to some fro-yo at Igloo. The frozen yogurt at Igloo is self-serve, so I filled my bowl with blackberry and cake batter fro-yo. Igloo also has a large selection of toppings, ranging from strawberries and mini buckeyes to brownie bites and Swedish Fish. The toppings are not self-serve, so I asked the friendly employee to top my frozen yogurt with gummy bears and sour gummy worms, pretty much ruining any nutritional value the fro-yo might or might not have had.

The frozen yogurt was smooth, delicious, and just as good as Menchie's, if not better. And it didn't wreak too much havoc on my lactose-intolerant body. But if you're extremely dairy-sensitive or vegan, Igloo also has great frozen yogurt made with almond milk and sorbets.

I'll miss having Menchie's on the west side. But Igloo is more than capable of filling the Menchie's-sized hole in my heart.

Igloo Frozen Yogurt and Treats is located at 44 Front St, Berea, OH 44017.

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