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Looking for Cupcakes in the Cleveland Area? You Should Check Out This Bakery in Berea, Ohio

Isla Chiu
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I love sweet things, perhaps a bit too much if you ask my dentist or doctor (who is cavity-prone and overweight? This girl!).

But sometimes, a girl just needs a cupcake.

Earlier this week, a need for a cupcake struck me, so I headed to Three Girls Cupcake Shoppe, a bakery in Berea, Ohio.

One cupcake would have been indulgent enough, but I got two cupcakes.

And guess what? No regrets.

I got a cream soda cupcake and a cassata cupcake. Both were sweet, soft, and yummy.

The vanilla flavor of the cream soda cupcake was on point, and the frosting was decadent.

The cassata cupcake was even better. It was a light white cake filled with custard, and topped with sliced strawberries and a rich whipped frosting. It really emulated a delicious cassata cake, and I could have eaten several more cassata cupcakes.

Sadly, I devoured my cupcakes all too soon, and within a few brief moments, the cupcake wrappers were empty.

I will say that the cupcakes were a bit small for the price (each cupcake was 3 dollars). But hey, we're living in times of crazy inflation. A freaking cinnamon roll at McDonald's costs over 3 dollars now, and McDonald's is a big corporation raking in billions of dollars a year.

So I will not begrudge a small business like Three Girls Cupcake Shoppe for selling a cupcake for 3 dollars, especially when their cupcakes are so yummy. And if I'm in the area and craving something sweet, I'll totally grab one (or two) of their cupcakes again. Their key lime pie and blueberry lemon cupcakes also look delightful.

If you're not much of a sweets person and/or looking for something more savory, Three Girls Cupcake Shoppe also sells pepperoni bread and other stuffed breads. You can also order cakes for special occasions.

Three Girls Cupcake Shoppe is located at 1 Berea Commons suite 1, Berea, OH 44017.

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