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Looking for Pizza by the Slice in the Cleveland Area? You Should Check Out Sweet Basil in Westlake

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Though I love pizza, I don't go to pizza places very often because I am a single gal and thus don't have anyone to share a pizza pie with me. I mean, I probably could eat a whole pizza by myself, but I would probably feel not-so-great afterwards (especially since I'm kind of lactose intolerant).

So when I stumbled upon Sweet Basil Neapolitan Style Pizzeria, a restaurant in Westlake that offers pizza by the slice, I was pleasantly surprised.

During lunch, from 11:30 AM to 3 PM, you can get a single slice of cheese pizza for $3. You can also get two slices for $5.50, but in an attempt to be somewhat healthy, I got the slice of cheese pizza and salad combo for $6.50.

After I put in my order, I watched the proprietor put a freshly made pizza in the huge oven behind the counter. My stomach growled as I caught the mouthwatering scents of pizza baking in the oven.

To my delight, my slice of pizza was warm and huge.

I took a bite, and my taste-buds were even more delighted. Some restaurants' plain cheese pizza can be boring, but that wasn't the case with Sweet Basil's cheese pizza. The sauce was delicious, and the crust was crisp and thin. The pizza also wasn't overly greasy, so I felt zero need to blot the cheese with a napkin. If you like a good thin crust pizza, you should definitely visit Sweet Basil.

Photo by the author

My salad was also good. The vegetables and cherry tomatoes were fresh, and the house-made dressing was yummy.

If you're in Westlake and looking for pizza that isn't from a chain like Papa John's or Domino's, you should consider visiting Sweet Basil. Your slice or pie from this locally-owned pizzeria will be freshly made, hot, and most of all, delicious.

Sweet Basil Neapolitan Style Pizzeria is located at 26235 Center Ridge Rd, Westlake, OH 44145.

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