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Looking for a Bakery in the Cleveland Area? You Should Check Out Lydia's Hungarian Strudel Shop

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The other day, I was craving something sweet, so I visited Lydia's Hungarian Strudel Shop, a family-owned bakery in Parma Heights, Ohio.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the scent of strudel baking in the oven. The atmosphere of the small shop was warm and inviting and the friendly employees equally so.

I ordered a half strip of raspberry strudel, which included 6 golden brown pieces of strudel topped with powdered sugar.

Truthfully, the only strudel I ever had before stopping at Lydia's Hungarian Strudel Shop was Pillsbury's Toaster Strudel, and I'm pretty sure Toaster Strudel is less authentic than Olive Garden's "Italian" food.

After taking a bite of Lydia's Hungarian strudel, I don't think I could ever go back to Pillsbury's frozen pastries.

Lydia's raspberry strudel was so freaking delicious. Because I'd arrived at the bakery almost as soon as it'd opened, my strudel was warm and fresh, having just been brought out of the oven. The pastry was crispy and flaky.

The raspberry filling was also delightful, and the strudel oozed with it. I could feel and taste the bits of real raspberries. It was sweet with a little tartness, and with the powdered sugar on top of the pastry, the strudel was the perfect amount of sweetness.

I had every intention of eating only a piece or two of strudel and saving the rest for later, but it was so dang good that I ended up eating the entire half strip in one sitting.

If you want to taste what real, made from scratch strudel tastes like, head to Lydia's Hungarian Strudel Shop. If you don't care for raspberry, the strudel also comes in the flavors apple (the shop's most popular flavor), apricot, cherry, peach, blueberry, raspberry, lemon, and pineapple. You could also get the strudel with sweet cream cheese. There's also a sugar-free version of the apple strudel available by special order.

Lydia's Hungarian Strudel Shop is located at 6230 Stumph Rd, Parma Heights, OH 44130.

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