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Looking for a Hot Dog in the Cleveland Area? You Should Check Out Hounds Hot Dogs & Gyros in Parma Heights

Isla Chiu

When I was a kid and saw a hot dog cart in the summertime, I would always beg my mom and dad to buy me a hot dog. Most of the time, they would acquiesce, and I would end up biting into the hot dog happily. However, my parents would draw the line at buying me a second hot dog.

Hounds Hot Dogs & Gyros in Parma Heights, Ohio is a small place that brings back that summertime feeling of grabbing a hot dog from a street cart vendor. Only it's even better because Hounds is open year-round, and you can always find it at its permanent location in the parking lot of a strip mall.

After a long day of staring at the blank pages of my notebook and trying but failing to get inspired, I was hungry and decided to get a chili dog from Hounds. I was tempted to order the chili cheese dog instead. But I had already consumed a latte that had not been made with plant-based milk that morning, so my lactose-intolerant body had suffered enough for the day.

Because I was so hungry, I devoured the chili dog before I could take a picture of it, hence the stock photo of a chili dog above.

The chili dog was simple and delicious. Hounds uses all-beef hot dogs, and my hot dog was plump and juicy. The chili on top of it was also tasty, and the sandwich satisfied my hunger (yes, I consider hot dogs to be sandwiches).

In addition to hot dogs and chili dogs, Hounds sells fries, gyros, sausage, and burgers.

If you're looking for an inexpensive and quick lunch in Parma Heights, definitely check out Hounds and support one of Parma Heights' small businesses.

Hounds Hot Dogs & Gyros is located at 6851 W 130th St, Parma Heights, OH 44130.

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