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Looking for Vietnamese Food in Parma, Ohio? You Should Go to Taydo

Isla Chiu
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Last week, I donated blood for the first time. Not going to lie, I was nervous and worried about fainting, especially after the volunteer asked me, “Did you drink a lot of water yesterday?”

I answered, “Uh, sure.” A total and utter lie.

I got even more nervous when he said, “You got tiny veins.”

Fortunately, despite my lack of proper hydration and tiny veins, I didn’t faint, and donating blood was a pretty easy experience. Plus I got apple juice and cookies afterward.

A couple of hours later, I was hungry as heck and needed to replenish my blood supply. Because of the cold weather, I was in the mood for a big hot bowl of soup. So I decided to go to Taydo, a Vietnamese restaurant in Parma, Ohio.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by my friendly server. Right after I sat down, she brought me a teapot. While I warmed myself with a cup of hot tea, I looked at the menu. The first page of the menu thanked me for visiting the mom-and-pop restaurant. It also included a preemptive apology for the time I'd have to wait for my food but also a promise that the wait would be worth it.

I thought the preemptive apology was cute and sweet, but it turned out to be unnecessary because I only ended up waiting a few minutes for my meal, which consisted of an appetizer of two fried spring rolls and a large bowl of pho with rare beef.
Photo by the author

The spring rolls were big, hot, crispy, and filled with tasty pork. Purists would probably say they were more like egg rolls and not proper spring rolls, but they pleased my taste-buds, and I devoured them within maybe 2 minutes.

Of course, the main star of my dinner was the bowl of pho.

The broth was piping hot and had just the right amount of cinnamon. The noodles were thin and soft, just the way I like them (one of my pet peeves is thick and undercooked noodles in my pho). There were plenty of pieces of tender beef; I didn't have to go hunting for them, and I didn't have to exclaim, "Where's the beef?!"

I slurped my noodles and drank the broth happily. Because I hate to waste good pho broth, near the end of my meal, I brought the bowl to my lips and sucked down the last of the soup.

A warning to spice wimps like me — Taydo's pho does contain a few small pieces of jalapeno, which I found out when I chugged my soup, haha. But it was all good because I washed down the spice with a few cups of hot tea.

All in all, it was a delicious bowl of pho and well worth the $9.50, especially considering how big the bowl was.

I ended the meal with a complimentary orange slice. When my server told me, "Please come again," I replied with a smile, "Definitely."

If you're in the Cleveland area and looking for a great bowl of pho, Taydo is located at 11725 Snow Rd, Cleveland, OH 44130.

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