Review: Taco Bell's Cantina Crispy Chicken Taco

Isla Chiu
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Sometimes, you're just in the mood for Taco Bell. You know it isn't great, and you should go get real Mexican food instead, but sometimes, that white and purple bell is calling your name, and you just cannot resist.

The other day, that white and purple bell sang its siren song to me, and I answered it like the helpless mortal I am.

When I go to Taco Bell, I usually opt for a chalupa—one of the great loves of my life—but I decided to try one of Taco Bell's new cantina crispy chicken tacos, specifically the one with avocado ranch sauce.

Like most of Taco Bell's creations, it wasn't the prettiest thing I've ever seen. But it didn't look so bad that it could be under the reality part of a fantasy vs. reality meme.

I bit into the taco, and I immediately got McDonald's Snack Wrap vibes (RIP). The chicken was on par with McDonald's, meaning it wasn't great, but it also wasn't bad. The tortilla was slightly better than McDonald's, but of course, that isn't saying much 😏

The lettuce and tomatoes were typical Taco Bell quality. Objectively, I know Taco Bell's tomatoes are pretty subpar, but I actually kind of like them. They're weird and flavorless, but they give me a little bit of nostalgia.

My major figurative beef with this taco was the lack of avocado ranch sauce. I could barely see it on the tortilla. I wondered if I got any avocado ranch sauce, but I did get a slight avocado aftertaste, so I must have gotten a little bit. Maybe I should have requested extra sauce.

Overall, the taco wasn't bad, but $2.59 is kind of steep for what basically amounts to a chicken tender in a tortilla.

Chalupa, you are still number one in my heart.

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