My Review of the Dunkin' Cupid's Choice Donut

Isla Chiu
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I find Dunkin' to be the definition of aggressively mediocre. Their coffee is fine, and their donuts are fine, but they are just fine. And sometimes their food is less than fine (eating their breakfast sandwiches always leaves me with a feeling of vague sadness. Such a waste of calories).

But because there's a Dunkin' near my house, I stop there more often than I should. Sometimes, you just need coffee and donuts, even aggressively mediocre coffee and donuts.

The other day, I wanted to try Dunkin's brownie batter donuts, which are part of the chain's Valentine's Day menu. Surely, a donut filled with brownie batter had to be delicious, even if it was a Dunkin' donut.

Alas, when I went to my local Dunkin', they were all out of brownie batter donuts. But they had some Cupid's Choice donuts, Dunkin's other Valentine's-Day-themed donut. So I decided to try one.

The donut didn't look too bad. It was properly heart-shaped, and the strawberry icing had a nice sheen.

I took a bite.

And my immediate reaction was, It's fine.

The donut itself was kind of dry (but since when is a Dunkin' donut not dry? #ShotsFired), but the Bavarian cream inside offered some moisture. The icing and Bavarian cream were sweet, but they didn't have much flavor beyond the sweetness. And as I ate the donut, I did think more than once, Man, I wish I could've gotten the brownie batter donut. But who knows? Maybe the brownie batter donut would've been just as underwhelming.

Nonetheless, a just-fine donut is better than no donut at all.

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