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Looking for a Lunch Spot in Berea, Ohio? You Should Head to Recharge Café

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Update: Recharge Café permanently closed its doors later in 2022.

During the first month of 2022, I’ve raged a lot at my lack of progress toward making a living from writing. And because I spend time raging instead of writing, that just leads to even less progress and more rage and so on and so on.

Perpetual procrastination is a vicious cycle, y’all.

The other day, I spent 4 hours on my tablet. I should have spent those 4 hours writing. Alas, I spent approximately 85% of those 4 hours playing Pokémon Go (not a sponsor, but Niantic, if you're looking for sponsorships from struggling short romance writers, give me a call) and watching YouTube videos of people eating stuff.

After watching people eat stuff, I myself wanted to eat stuff.

So I searched for a place to get lunch.

I decided to go to Recharge Café, a restaurant in Berea, Ohio that had opened last year. It's new enough that Yelp doesn't have a page for it yet, but Recharge got some good reviews on Google.

Recharge Café had a comforting and relaxing vibe. It was a perfect environment to recharge after working (or attempting to work) for 4 hours in the morning.

For lunch, I ordered the incrediBowl PM, a customizable pasta bowl. I ordered mine with chicken, alfredo sauce, broccoli, and mushrooms.

Let me tell you, the incrediBowl lived up to its name. It was freaking delicious. The penne pasta was cooked al dente and covered in Recharge's tasty house-made alfredo sauce. The broccoli and mushrooms were also perfectly cooked, and the chicken was flavorful and juicy.

After a few glorious minutes of eating, I looked at my empty bowl with sadness. I was tempted to order another pasta bowl. But because I'm trying to practice sensible eating this year and not eating until I feel like I'm going to explode, I contented myself with scraping the bits of chicken and alfredo sauce off the bottom of the bowl.

Opening a new restaurant is tough in normal times. In these COVID-19-affected times, it has to be extra difficult, and keeping a new restaurant open has to be a dang-near-superhuman effort.

I really hope Recharge Café succeeds, and it continues to provide delicious pasta bowls and to be a place for struggling writers to recharge for many, many years to come.

Are you in Berea, Ohio and looking for a place to get lunch? Here is Recharge Café's website. Located at 127 West St, Berea, OH 44017.

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