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In Berea, Ohio and Looking for Great Donuts? You Should Head to Spudnut Donuts

Isla Chiu
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I should’ve been writing and finishing my steamy romance short story.

But I really, really, really wanted some donuts.

And since I’m always willing to prioritize pleasing my taste-buds over actually working on writing, I got into my car and headed to Spudnut Donuts, a shop in Berea, Ohio.

Unlike other donut shops, Spudnut uses potato flour as the base for their donuts, hence the “spud” in their name. I was skeptical about eating a potato-based donut, but Spudnut Donuts got plenty of good reviews on Yelp and Google.

Luckily, the reviews were so right. 

Though I should really be trying to lose weight, I treated myself to not one but two donuts: maple bacon and French cruller, my favorite kind of donut. 

As soon as I got home, I took a bite of the maple bacon donut…

And holy mouthgasm!
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It was the perfect balance of flavors with the sweet maple glaze and savory bacon bits. Also, the crunch of the bacon bits added a nice contrasting texture to the soft fried dough, which was just as moist as a donut made with all-purpose flour (and certainly moister than a donut from Dunkin’ #ShotsFired). 

The French cruller also did not disappoint. It felt like an unbelievably moist pillow in my mouth and had a yummy sweet glaze drizzled over the dough (and it was so much better than the dry French crullers at Dunkin' #ShotsFiredAgain).
Photo by the author

Though I didn’t need the extra calories, I didn’t regret consuming the donuts. However, I did regret consuming them so quickly and wish I had taken more time to savor the sweet treats instead of wolfing them down like an uncivilized beast.

If you’re in Berea, Ohio and heading to Dunkin’ to get your donuts, I strongly suggest turning your car around and going to Spudnut Donuts instead. Sure, Spudnut may be slightly more expensive but only slightly. A classic donut at Dunkin’ will cost you $1.19 while a donut at Spudnut will cost you $1.30.

However, the superiority of Spudnut Donuts is worth so much more than an extra 11 cents. Also, at the time of this writing, Dunkin’ doesn’t offer a maple bacon donut. So if you want bacon on your donut, head to Spudnut Donuts. And even if you want a basic donut, head to Spudnut anyway. Spudnut's donuts are made fresh in the store every day, and you can tell the difference.

Perhaps I'll be more productive this week and produce lots of content.

Perhaps I'll give in to procrastination and prioritize delighting my taste-buds over writing again. If I do and find myself in Berea again, you bet your butt that I'd go to Spudnut Donuts over Dunkin'.

If you're in Berea, Ohio and you find yourself craving a donut, here is Spudnut Donuts' website. Located at 650 Prospect Rd, Berea, OH 44017.

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