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In the Cleveland Area and in the Mood for Thai Food? You Should Head to Sweet Mango

Isla Chiu
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The other day, I was in the mood for some Thai food, so I decided to walk to Sweet Mango, a locally owned restaurant in Berea, Ohio.

Sweet Mango reopened their dining room, so my fully-vaccinated self decided to have a leisurely lunch in the restaurant. I ordered myself a Thai iced tea. The beverage was refreshing and sweet. I sipped it happily as I looked out the window and monitored the skies for signs of an approaching winter storm (luckily, no such signs appeared).

For my appetizer, I decided to get the Siam rolls. For my meal, I ordered the Pad See You.

A couple of minutes later, the waitress brought out the Siam rolls. Although she warned me that they would be hot, I proceeded to immediately bite into one — and ended up burning my tongue.
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Lesson — listen to your servers. Also, tip them well. I’m a poor struggling writer, but I never skimp on tips.

In spite of the tongue-burning temperature, I devoured the Siam rolls. They were crispy and flavorful, and so much better than the soggy abominations that my college’s dining hall dared to call egg rolls.

After I finished my Siam rolls, my server brought out the Pad See You. Like the rolls, the noodles were HOT. The first (and second and third) bite burned my tongue even further. But the noodles were worth the pain. They were soft and covered in soy sauce and oh-so delicious.

By the time I finished my noodles, I was full. But because I’m completely inept at intuitive eating, I asked my waitress for the dessert menu. I ordered the Ice Cream Delight, though the last two things I needed were more carbs and sugar.
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The Ice Cream Delight lived up to its name. The 3 plentiful scoops of green tea ice cream were the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, and a refreshing balm on my burned tongue. The sticky rice was also good and flavored with sweet coconut.

As I ate, the sweetness of the ice cream and rice eased the bitterness of my writing struggles. Sometimes, I wonder if things will ever get better or if I'm doomed to return to another office job in another toxic environment.

When the bitterness threatens to get to me and I start feeling hopeless, I have to remind myself of the little pleasures I can enjoy whether or not I return to another office job — a nice stroll, a good romance book, and a yummy lunch at a local Thai restaurant.

If you’re ever in the Cleveland area and hungry for Thai food, here is Sweet Mango’s website. Located at 54 Front St, Berea, OH 44017.

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