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If You're in Fairview Park, Ohio and in the Mood for Mediterranean Food, Head to Dolce Wraps

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2022 has arrived. New year, new me, right?

Well, actually, it’s been more like new year, slightly older and slightly more tired me, but I really do want to work harder on my writing this year and make progress toward that elusive dream of making a full-time living from writing.

Of course, last Friday, I only ended up writing approximately 500 words before deciding that I needed to go shopping and get some lunch 😅 

I went to Westgate Mall, a shopping center in Fairview Park, Ohio. I always buy my planners in January because that means sales on planners for the new year. So I went to the bookstore to browse the discounted 2022 planners. After spending way too many hours looking around the bookstore, I got a cute little planner for 50% off and was eager for a late lunch.

Westgate Mall is mostly a sea of retail stores and chain restaurants, but I stumbled upon Dolce Wraps, a small family-owned Mediterranean joint. I went into the restaurant, and at the friendly employee’s suggestion, I ordered the Moroccan plate with lamb.

As soon as I dug into the Moroccan plate, I was glad that I took her suggestion.

The Moroccan plate comes with grilled lamb, seasoned white rice, a salad, sautéed sumac onions, and aglio sauce on the side. Salads usually bore me, but I enjoyed Dolce Wraps’ house salad, which was a flavorful and fresh mix of tomatoes, onions, olive oil, mixed greens, and lemon. The rice and onions also delighted my taste-buds. And the lamb was juicy and tasty; it was even better when dipped into the aglio sauce, which was creamy and pleasantly garlicky. 

After I finished my Moroccan plate, I was tempted to order another one, but I'm trying to be healthier this year, and that means eating until I'm satisfied, not until I feel like I'm going to explode and find myself regretting my life choices. As the Moroccan plate left me satisfied, I didn't order another meal.

But of course, I got dessert. I ordered a piece of walnut baklava, which was sweet, flaky, indulgent, and delicious.

Photo by the author

If you find yourself in Westgate Mall and are looking for a place to eat after a few hours of shopping, you should consider going to Dolce Wraps instead of one of the many chain restaurants. Here is their website. Located at 3510 Westgate Mall, Fairview Park, Ohio 44126.

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