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You Can Get One of the Best Burgers in Cleveland in a Small Halal Grocery Store

Isla Chiu
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I decided to go to CleaveLand, a local halal grocery store in town with a punny name. I heard that, in addition to having a good selection of halal goods, CleaveLand serves some wickedly good burgers.

Let me confirm — they do serve wickedly good burgers.

Every burger is made to order, so after I put in my order for a beef burger, I browsed the store’s goods as I waited for my food. There were a lot of things I’ve never seen before; I contemplated trying a new drink, but I decided to stick to an old favorite and get a bottle of Mexican Coke.

My mouth watered as I smelled the burger and fries cooking. When they announced that my burger was ready, I all but ran to the counter, eager to shove the food into my pie-hole.

As soon as I got into my car, I picked up my burger and bit into it. And holy mouthgasm!

In between the two buns were two juicy beef patties done smash-burger-style, cheese, a slightly spicy (and very delicious) sauce, and tasty onions. It was one of the best burgers I’ve had in Cleveland and maybe anywhere. The fries were just as delicious — fresh, crispy, and well-seasoned with a special spice. No bland, soggy fries here.

I really hope that CleaveLand is here to stay and that I’ll get the chance to order many more burgers from the store. I’ve seen a few businesses come and go and fail in this location. I truly hope that CleaveLand breaks the pattern and turns out to be a permanent fixture in Brook Park, Ohio, which definitely could use more diverse and locally owned businesses.

If you want a delicious burger from a local business in the Cleveland area, go to CleaveLand Grocers and Grill.

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