Phyn Plus smart water valve review: Sophisticated leak detection and water use analysis

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If you're thinking of home safety, smart water shut-off valves take a very important place. It automatically shut off in case of a major leak. So, you can save your money and reduce the unnecessary wastage of water. Let's find out more about the Phyn plus Smart valve.

What is Phyn plus Smart Valve?

The Phyn Plus is a new smart water assistant and shut-off that is more affordable and 25% smaller than the first generation. It uses a patented, high-definition pressure wave and automatically alerts you the moment it detects a leak. It can also detect potential plumbing issues and prevent costly damage through automatic shutoff.

  • Phyn plus sensor

It is possible to measure the current water temperature, water pressure, and flow rate with the Ultrasonic sensor. These data are reported quickly and accurately by the Phyn app.

  • Phyn plus app
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The Phyn app is divided into two sections: Water Use and Water Use Plus. In the water use section, you will find a bar chart. It will show the number of gallons you have used for the past month. The Water Use Plus section also shows water consumption as a calendar and tracks water events. It provides more detailed information.

Additionally, it sends a push notification and text message when it detects a problem with your water supply.

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Are you more into an Android or Apple HomeKit?

Android User - It's compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so read on.

Apple HomeKit user - Have you ever wondered how to integrate Phyn plus with Apple HomeKit? Here's How to add Phyn plus to HomeKit

Features of Phyn Plus

Water leak detection + Water monitor system

You can save money on water usage and prevent frozen pipes with Phyn plus 2nd Gen. (Protect your home from water damage, understand possible leaks, and monitor your water usage)

Smart Home-enabled water sensor alarm

There's nothing to worry about! This Phyn plus alarm keep the home watertight by detecting
leaks and drips.

Receive real-time alerts

With the Phyn app, you can receive real-time alerts in seconds when it detects a potential issue. In addition, it sends you all the information you need to identify the issue and turn off your water remotely. The Phyn app is compatible with your iOS and Android phones.

Whole-home protection with one device

You can connect the Phyn plus to your existing Wi-Fi so you can protect your entire home’s water system from a single location. And yeah! You don't have to require multiple sensors or additional hubs in your home.

Make your smart home even smarter

It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa seamlessly. So, you can control your water with the Alexa or Google Assistant voice command easily. Ask Alexa “How much water have I used?” or you can ask “tell phyn plus to turn the water off.”

Pros and Cons of Phyn plus water valve


  • No subscription to get full use of the product
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
  • Fits a variety of pipe size
  • Identify plumbing problems and limit costly water damage
  • Analyzes your water consumption
  • Automatic Shutoff


  • Doesn’t support sensors
  • More expensive than the Flo by Moen
  • Push messages can be missed
  • Requires professional installation
  • No battery backup

How to control the Shutoff valve

  1. Via the Phyn App and voice command
  2. From the device when it is powered on
  3. Manually when it isn’t powered

What if there is no power? Don't worry about it. Without electricity, you may unlock and close the valve manually.

Phyn Plus installation

When installing Phyn Plus, you should ask the help of a qualified plumber. Keep it in mind! It is connected to the main water line near your cutoff valve. Also, it may be fitted both indoors and outside. However, to access the gadget, you must have a power outlet within 15 feet, a Wi-Fi signal, and the main water supply pipe 11/4" or smaller. And, before installing the Phyn, you should check the strength of your Wi-Fi connection.

Here, you can download the Phyn plus smart sensor manual for homeowners.

Compatibility of Phyn plus water assistant + Shutoff

If you use Android, this is just for you. Phyn seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. (Android 5.0 or later required). Moreover, the Phyn app is compatible with iOS9 or later.

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HomeKit has a variety of flood and leak sensors. But, there are no any HomeKit shut-off valves in the HomeKit ecosystem. But if you use Apple HomeKit, you won't have to worry about it. Belkin plans to introduce the Phyn plus with HomeKit compatibility soon. Let's have a look at how to integrate this Phyn plus into your HomeKit.

How to connect Phyn plus to Apple HomeKit?

You can add the bridge as a device in HomeKit simply. It registered your Phyn plus in HomeKit, and when you ask to control your water, your phone communicates with the bridge, which communicates with the smart valve. And also, Bridge relays information from one API to another. Check how to add any devices to Homekit using Homebridge?


  1. Homebridge
  2. HOOBS
  3. Raspberry Pi

However, there is currently no public API documentation for Phyn Homebridge plugins. However, Flo by Moen (Phyn Plus's competitor) can simply link with HomeKit via HomeBridge.

HomeBridge solution for Flo by Moen

Homebrdige Plug-in for Flo by Moen (homebridge-flobymoen or hombridge-http-switch plugin)

You can integrate the Flo by Moen 3 water system with HomeKit easily with this plugin. It manages the Flo smart water kit system. Also, it monitors and controls devices via the Flo unofficial cloud API.

Econet bulldog valve robot with HomeBridge integration

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Buying guide for the best smart water shut-off valve

Consider the following factors before choosing a smart water valve.

  • Wi-Fi and Mobile Connectivity
  • Easy installation
  • No separate Hub
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Water flow control
  • Multiple Sensors
  • No subscription fees
  • Precise Temperature control
  • Durable
  • Compatibility
  • Size
  • Type Price
  • Warranty
  • Customer support

Where to buy the Phyn plus Assistant?

Brand: Phyn

Color: Black

Where to buy: Walmart, Amazon

Price: $899.36

Our pick

Phyn Plus is the best option if you have a pressure problem. It can correctly monitor the flow of water. It’s more expensive than the competitors but it performs better than them. Also, you can ask Alexa to turn on or off your Phyn plus. Do remember! You should buy this if you’re looking for a way to measure your home’s water usage, you want a way to automatically shut off the water in the event of a leak, and your home has water problems or old pipes.

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Phyn plus related FAQs

01. How does Phyn plus smart water monitor work?

The pressure in your plumbing system changes when you run a bath, wash your hands or water your lawn. It analyzes these microscopic (tiny) fluctuations in water pressure 240 times per second to create a fingerprint of the unique pressure profile of each fixture in your home. When you turn on a faucet, Phyn knows it's a faucet. It also alerts you if the faucet leaks.

02. Who makes Phyn plus?

Curious about the Phyn plus manufacturer? Badger Meter is the manufacturer of Phyn plus. Badger Meter is a global leader in water metering innovation and expertise, with over 110 years of experience. Utility meters are already deployed in millions of houses, and it holds every Phyn to the same stringent potable water standards.

03. What is a Phyn device?

The Phyn device is a high-definition water detector that analyzes minute water changes. Simply said, it is a Smart Water Assistant and a water monitor that you can install yourself. It alerts you to possible dangers and deploys under your sink, washing machine, and next to your water heater.

04. Does Flo by Moen work with HomeKit?

Yes. Flo by Moen integrates with HomeKit via the Homebridge plugin. As a result, you can effortlessly control it using the Apple Home App or your favorite voice assistant Siri.

05. What is Phyn Plus away mode?

Away mode is one of the features that may be enabled on the Phyn App. It is a really handy function when you are out. Away mode makes your Phyn extremely sensitive. When it identifies any unusual water usage activities, it alerts you.

06. How do I reset my Phyn Plus away mode?

Step 1: Tap the Menu icon of the Phyn plus app in the upper left-hand

Step 2: Tap Account and then settings

Step 3: Tap the toggle button

Step 4: Once the color of the toggle button changed from green to gray, you can reset the away mode.

07. Which is better Flo by Moen or Phyn? (Phyn vs Flo by Moen)

The most obvious difference at first glance is the price. Even though the Phyn plus is more expensive than the Flo by Moen, it's doesn't charge an additional fee to inform you about how you are using water. Apart from that, Flo technologies' service is superior to Flo. If the Phyn app's water usage goals assist you in reducing your usage and detecting a potential leak. So. Phyn's app is more sophisticated.

08. Can I install Phyn Plus myself?

You should hire a professional plumber to install Phyn plus. Phyn is a member of the Uponor Pro Squad. As a result, they've expertly trained and ensured that Phyn is properly installed. You can also call your own plumber. It has instructions in the Phyn plus box. So, you can follow these instructions to install Phyn plus properly.

09. Will Phyn Plus turn the water off automatically if there is a leak?

The answer is yes. When you install it, it will learn how you regularly use water. This learning experience will be special. It will unlock the power to switch off your water in the event of an abnormal event. Additionally, when a potential leak is detected, an alert is sent to you, and you can regulate it remotely using the free Phyn app.

10. How do you restart Phyn Plus?

Step 1: Unplug the Phyn Plus water valve from the electric socket

Step 2: Re-Plug it into the electric socket

Step 3: The Phyn device appears online in the Phyn App after a few seconds. Also, it is the solution if your Phyn Plus devices show “Device Offline” in the Phyn App.

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