How did I check the Smart Home Device Compatibility with my Google Assistant?

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I am new to smart home automation and have been recently upgrading everything with smart home capabilities. So, I had to face the difficulty of selecting smart home devices that are compatible with my Google Assistant smart home system hence, there are many smart home devices on the market. Fortunately, I found a great smart checker assistant. It was named by Canda and I found it by accident. So that, I could able to find the best smart home devices using that. It will handle all hassle tasks for you. I wanted to share my experience with you. Let's get started!

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is the Canda app?
  • Features of Canda — Smart Home Device Compatibility Checker
  • Advantages of Canda - Smart checker
  • Can you check the Google Assistant compatibility of your smart home devices using Canda?
  • How does Canda work?
  • Why should you get this Smart Home device compatibility checker?

What is the Canda- Smart home device checker?

Canda is a smart checker app that checks your smart home device is compatible with your smart home system. It supports you to determine whether your smart home device is compatible with your Google Assistant as well as Alexa or Siri. Google Assistant is now available on even more smart home devices. So, this smart home Google compatibility checker will be your smart checker assistant to find more compatibility devices for your smart home. And yeah! You'll love this Canda app if you've ever used applications like a smart home Goggle Assistant compatibility checker. Because, it's easy to use, and you can even request the missing item.

You can also choose from a variety of device categories, including smart speakers, Smart Lights, vacuums, Smart Security Cameras, door locks, and more. And, you can also easily select any device and see whether it works with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. The Canda app also includes "where to buy" options with the most recent deals, which is a great feature. It allows you to compare, choose, and buy the best smart home devices all in one location.

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App information

  • · Name: Canda by Kodmy
  • · Description: Check your smart home devices compatibility with the Smart Home System
  • · Operating System: Android
  • · Version: 1.0.0
  • · Offered by: Knovik
  • · Released on: Dec 16, 2021

Features of Canda app

  • · Check the compatibility of your smart home products with the smart home system
  • · Best smart home device deals
  • · Information about smart home systems
  • · Compare each smart home device with your smart home system
  • · Popular brands
  • · Where to buy options for compatible devices
  • · Alternative devices for incompatible devices

Advantages of Canda - Smart checker

1. Simple to install

2. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface

3. Options to send a request to add a missing item

4. Compatible with your Android operating system

5. There are many smart home product categories, devices, top brands, and the latest deals.

6. Check compatibility with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa

Interfaces of Canda App

Home page

  • Select Device Category

Compatibility page

  • Select the devices

  • Check compatibility

Deals page

About Page

Can you check the Google Assistant compatibility of your smart home devices using Canda?

Yes. Using Canda, you can check whether your smart home devices are compatible with Google Assistant or not. So, you can choose the best Google Assistant compatible device for your smart home with no hassle. Besides Google Assistant compatibility, you can also check Alexa and Siri compatibility with your smart devices. Furthermore, you can find the best deals, popular brands, links to the best deals, compare compatible devices, request missing items, and more.

How do I check the smart home device compatibility?

Check compatibility of smart home device

Before checking the google assistant compatibility, we want to download the Canda - Google Assistant compatibility checker. It is available in the play store.

Once downloaded the app, I could able to see the Home page of the app and see the “Find your device here” tab at the top of the app. It was very simple to select the device category.

Device Category: Smart Speaker, Smart Vacuums, Smart Air purifiers, Smart Lights, Smart Security Cameras, Smart Wi-Fi routers, Smart Door Locks, Smart Switches, Smart Baby Monitors

After choosing the device category, I selected the device that I want to check. And, I could see many items under the selected category. As soon as I select the smart home device, there were three options that I can select (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa). Also, clicked my Google Assistant to check whether your device is compatible or not. If your device is compatible with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, it will appear indicating whether it is compatible with your preferred smart home system.

Simple steps

Step 1: Install Canda by Kodmy app

Step 2: Open the app and select the device category

Step 3: Select the device that you want

Step 4: Click smart home system (Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant)

Step 5: Click on the check compatibility button and you can see the compatibility status of the selected item

Request Device

You can also ask the Kodmy team to add a missing device to the app. All you need to do is enter the device name and reference URL, then click the Request device button. That's all. We will research and provide you with all the details along with the best price for that app.

Latest Deals

There are many smart home device deals available right now. It is easy to choose any smart home device you wish to purchase from Amazon. You can also compare prices, discounts, and where to buy on the deals page.

Why should you get this Canda app?

Do you want to check compatible smart home devices with your Google Assistant? This Canda Google Assistant checker helps you to find a suitable smart home device that works with your google assistant seamlessly. So, it is useful for anyone wishing to check the compatibility of their smart home devices with their smart home system. And it's free. It has a lot of features and advantages for users. I wanted to share my experience hence lots of people have to face this problem when choosing smart home devices for their newly built house.

If you want to buy a smart device, you can compare it with other smart devices and smart home system before you buy it. Therefore, you can select the best one for your smart home system using that. What you need to do is to choose your device and ask us if it is compatible. It is time to start to check device compatibility with Google Assistant.

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