August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 4th Generation vs. Schlage Encode Smart Lock

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Do you want to get real convenience for your home by using smart door locks? Now you can pair your door locks with your smartphone, and you can monitor, unlock and lock your door with just a voice command. Sometimes, your purposes can be different. So, it is different for finding the best choice for everyone. Some may look for smart features while some looking a scheduling and user code limits. Among the many smart door locks, I have reviewed two different door locks for you. When comparing these two locks, I found smart device comparison tools. So, I was able to get the right information using it. Here is what you need to know about the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the Schlage Encode Smart Lock.

In this article, you will learn;

  • What are “August Wi-Fi Smart Lock” and “Schlage Encode Smart Lock?”
  • Pros and Cons of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Schlage Encode Smart Lock
  • Features Comparison of August and Schlage Encode Smart Lock using Smart Device Comparison Tool?
  • How to install August Wi-Fi Smart Lock & Schlage Encode Smart Lock?
  • Price Comparison
  • Which Smart Lock is best for you?

What are “August Wi-Fi Smart Lock” and “Schlage Encode Smart Lock?”

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 4th Generation is a handy smart lock with a ton of features in its compact frame. It includes a DoorSense open-close sensor and a retrofit August lock. It is capable, easy to install, and 45% smaller than the previous August. Also, you can get unlimited user access and keyless entry codes.

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The Schlage Encode Smart lock is a Wifi-enabled smart lock that integrates with Ring camera and Amazon Key. Don’t worry about additional accessories. All you need to have is the Schlage home app or Amazon app to manage your smart door lock. Also, it has a fingerprint-resistant and capacitive touchscreen to lock and unlock your door.

Further, there are many more types of smart locks such as Ring smart lock, Yale Smart lock, Nest smart lock, and more. Now you have some basic idea regarding these two types of smart locks. So, we dive into more.

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The August WiFi Smart Lock and Schlage Encode Smart Lock are going for two different looks based on their functionality. The August Wi-Fi smart lock 4th Generation is designed to fit over your existing deadbolt and is designed to replace your existing deadbolt completely. It also has an incredibly friendly puck-shaped design. If you want to lock or unlock your door, you can use an existing deadbolt key or smartphone. It is noticeably smaller than the previous generation. Also, it comes in silver or matte black color.

When compared to the old one, this Schlage smart lock offers more functionality rather than the previous one. Which do you like to use? — A PIN code or a Key? It is the ability to use both options to lock and unlock the door. It can be nice to have an extra option to lock and unlock. Also, it is available in a few colors and has two distinct styles.

August lock has more options and does a good job of making the smart door lock more like a part of your smart home. It offers awesome features like proximity auto-lock and DoorSense. You like these features together. Also, it is the best Wi-Fi smart lock in UK and Dubai.


August has one app to do all the things. It also works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant without any bad stuff. If you are more on Apple devices, you can pick August smart lock easily as Schlage doesn’t support the Apple HomeKit. You can lock and unlock your door using the mobile app of August or your voice command. Further, this smart lock integrates with your home security platform from Samsung, SimpliSafe, and Logitech. When you are not at home, you can use August App to detect your doors real situation that close or not. And yeah! You can automatically unlock your door without using a physical key.

The Schlage Encode is integrated with Amazon, and you will be able to connect with your Ring devices like Ring Video Doorbell. So, you can lock and unlock your Schlage using the Ring App. You can pass out your virtual keys to any guests if you want using the Amazon Key app. Also, you can use the Schlage home app. So it doesn’t have a specific app.

Pros and Cons of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Schlage Encode Smart Lock

It is more important to compare advantages and disadvantages when choosing the right device for you. Luckily, I could be able to compare these pros and cons using the smart tool that I mentioned above. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the August WiFi Smart lock and Schlage Encode smart lock.

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  • Schlage Encode Smart Lock

Features Comparison of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Schlage Encode Smart Lock using Smart Device Comparison Tool?

Both smart locks have some same features, but not all. I have compared several differences between these two devices. Using the smart tool, I could be able to compare all the features like the Best Prices, Brands, Colors, Accessibility features, Special features, Dimensions, and more. It is a very easy way to select the right device for you. Here is a brief feature comparison of the August Wi-Fi smart lock and Schlage Encode Smart lock using the best smart comparison tool.

How to install August Wi-Fi Smart Lock & Schlage Encode Smart Lock?

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

It is easy to install the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. If you have another August device, you should already have a mobile app for it. But, if it is the first device, you want to download and create an account. Here are some steps that you want to follow.

1st step — Open the August App

2nd step- Tapped setup Device in the menu

3rd step- Select setup your smart lock then select Wi-Fi smart lock from the list

4th step- Follow the instructions to scan the QR code.

5th step- Follow on-screen installation instructions to install your August Smart Lock

Schlage Encode Smart Lock

The installation process of Schlage Encode is also easy but harder rather than the August. Very first of the time, you need to be downloading the mobile app and then create an account. Once you download the app verified your email address.

1st step- removes your old lock and then installs the latch assembly using the 2 included screw

2nd step- attach the exterior keypad to your door using the mounting plate and bolt

3rd step- connect the keypad data cable to the interior escutcheon cable

4th step- slid its keypad’s tailpiece into the hub of your interior escutcheon

5th step- Attache the escutcheon to the mounting plate and then install the 4 AA batteries

6th step- Once the lock is installed, follow the on-screen instruction to scan the QR code

7th step- Press the pairing button and connect the lock to your Wi-Fi

8th step- Select your SSID from the list and then enter the password

Price Comparison

Which Smart Lock is best for you?

If you are looking for the best smart door locks for your home, I recommend the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock as it works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. It has also good reasons to consider this smart lock such as ease of use, multi-platform support, Robust third-party integration, and more. You don’t require an add-on bridge as it has embedded Wi-Fi. Also, Schlage Encode smart lock is a bit expensive than the August Smart Lock. However, if you are more on Amazon, the Amazon Key program with Schlage is excellent. Then, you can go with Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt.

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