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Apple's smart home strategy relies heavily on encouraging 3rd party hardware makers to adopt its platform. Thus, they added several new features to their iOS 15 software update as well as previous updates. Several top brands have integrated their products with the Home app. With the iOS 15 iPhone software update, Apple added Apple Home Key to Apple Wallet as another great feature. Furthermore, Apple's smart home strategy relies on encouraging 3rd party hardware makers. Using this method, they simplify the process of integrating devices from different vendors seamlessly. Apple didn’t release an Apple Smart lock yet, but it promotes a smart lock that integrates with the Apple HomeKit and the Wallets Apps. Let’s find out What are the Apple Home Key compatible Locks.

What is the Apple Home Key?

With the release of iOS 15, Apple added a new Smart Home feature called the Apple Home Key. You can now unlock your door securely using your iPhone or Apple watch. And yeah! You can Apple Watch or iPhone can be used to operate your smart lock. Apple HomeKit and Apple Home Key compatible locks are all you need. This new feature allows you to add a key for your doors to your Apple Wallet.

You can use a digital key in your Apple wallet to unlock your door with an iPhone. Using its Siri assistant, your door can be unlocked via third-party devices as well. You might be confused about how the Apple Home Key works. Home keys are also stored in your Wallet app with other important items such as credit cards and car keys. In your Apple Wallet, you'll find keys such as Home Key, Hotel Key, Office Key, and Car Key. You may use an Apple Watch or iPhone as a door key by simply tapping the screen of your iPhone or Apple Watch. Now you can relax! It will perform excellently.

Apple HomeKit compatible locks

You may be looking for the best HomeKit compatible locks for 2021. As a result, we've put together a list of some of the best options for you. It allows you to lock and unlock your home using your iPhone remotely. Furthermore, by integrating with the Home App, these door locks allow users to operate them using Siri. Many companies have recently connected with Apple HomeKit like August, Yale, Kwikset, Eufy, VOCOlinc, and more. The Best HomeKit Enabled Devices in 2021 and 2022 are listed below.

  • VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit Door Lock

The VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit Door Lock features a touchscreen panel. This iPhone-controlled smart door lock is compatible with the latest iOS versions, including iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15. When there is no light, its LED-backlit touchscreen panel is extremely beneficial. You don't have to replace your deadbolt lock with a smart lock. It's a lot easier than you think. You no longer have to be concerned about misplacing keys or spare keys. You also have complete control over who you allow selective access to and how much access you give them.

  • Eufy Security iPhone Controlled Smart Door Lock

Do you want to be able to enter your house within just 0.3 seconds? The Eufy Security iPhone door lock is the ideal solution for you. It's safeguarded with a fingerprint sensor. You can link the Eufy Security App to Wi-Fi if you want to control your home security from anywhere. It also includes a sensor that detects the status of your door and locks it automatically when you leave. The door can be locked and unlocked using a fingerprint, a security app, or a pin code on the keypad.

You can get the Eufy Security iPhone door lock for $199.99 from Amazon.

  • Yale Assure Lock SL

In 2021, the Yale Assure smart lock is the best iPhone smart lock. You may now lock and unlock your door from any location. If you need voice control, ask Siri to lock or open your door. If you don't have a phone, this smart lock contains a touchscreen pad that you can use instead of the 8-digit pin code.

It also features a 9V terminal for charging in an emergency. It also acts as a troubleshooter if the Yale lock is locked out due to a low battery. What about granting others access to the lock? Don't be worried. It has a variety of 25 pin codes to set up. If you fail to lock the door, you can use an automated locking system to do it.

you can get the Yale Assure Lock SL from Amazon for $177.89.

  • Yale Assure Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock

The Yale Assure Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock is another Yale door lock that works with HomeKit. You may use a keypad or the Yale Access app on your iPhone or Apple Watch to lock and unlock your door. You may also use it with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, among other speech assistants. There's no need to be concerned about an additional hub. There is no need for a hub because it comes with a simple W-Fi Connect Bridge. It also makes use of digital keys to provide others access.

Get the Yale Assure Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock from Amazon for $230.73.

  • Kwikset Premis Door Lock

The Kwikset Premis Door Lock is a smart door lock featuring Secure Screen Technology by Kwikset. It comes with a variety of useful features, including an optional alarm, scheduled access, auto-lock, and more. With Siri voice control, you can also check the lock history, access it remotely, and monitor activity. Despite Siri voice control, you may use the Kwikset Premise iOS app, Apple Home Pod, or Apple TV to control the Kwikset door lock.

Get the Kwikset Premis Door Lock from Amazon for $183.48.

You now have a better understanding of Apple HomeKit-enabled door locks. So, let's check which Apple Home Key compatible locks are included in the list of Apple HomeKit compatible locks.

If you’re into home automation, and in particular HomeKit, you might be interested in the best comparison of Smart Locks.

What are the Best Home Key compatible Locks?

With the latest iOS update, Apple has introduced a new feature. You can use your iPhone to lock and open your door. Many well-known brands will release smart locks that are Apple Home Key compatible. It's vital to remember that smart lock makers must provide Apple Home Key-compatible locks. As a result, it will take some time once the iOS 15 new version is released. Schlage and Aqara were showcased as Apple's partners at the iOS 15 event. We take a look at a few smart locks that will work with Apple Home Key.

  • Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage announces the first Apple Home Key-supported smart lock. Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi lock is an updated version of the Schlage Encode WiFi smart lock. It is going to change the way you protect what matters most. Also, you can expect the most trusted features from Schlage. So, you can easily lock and unlock your door using your Apple Watch®, iPhone, and HomeKit. Also. it can manage codes and more with the complete Schlage Home experience seamlessly, right at your fingertips.

Further, it supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homekit. You can use the iOS and Android Schlage Home apps to lock or unlock the door and add or remove access codes. It is easy to install within 15 or 20 minutes. Also, you can connect your smart lock via Apple HomeKit, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or using Bridge.

Instead, if you are interested in the Schlage, you may get the Schlage Smart Lock from Amazon for $240.67.

What is more...

Apple announced Aqara as one of their Smart lock partners. So, it will be compatible with this Apple Home Key feature in near future. And also we can expect this new feature from major smart lock partners like Level, and August.

We dig a little deeper into Smart Lock that compatible with Apple Home Key feature in near future.

  • Aqara Smart Door Lock N100

The Aqara N100 is the most popular smart door lock with Aqara Home and Apple's HomeKit apps. It's made of anodized aluminum and has a high-end look. An inbuilt fingerprint reader allows you to react quickly. The alarm will go off if there are many incorrect unlock attempts. When a dedicated doorbell button is pressed, it will notify you. Because it has an Apple security chip integrated with it, it is compatible with Apple's smart home ecosystem. Aqara was also named as a Smart Lock partner by Apple. As a result, this new functionality will work with it.

  • Level Smart Lock

The Level Bolt is an excellent solution to transform your existing deadbolt invisibly. It allows your friends and family to use their phones and voice commands to access your home with ease. You can access your account from anywhere, use Ring, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit devices, manage your voice, and automate your home.

  • August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is designed to work in harmony with the rest of your smart home. Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Z-wave, and HomeKit are all supported by the August smart lock 3rd Generation pro and 4th Generation. It offers auto-lock and unlocks capabilities, as well as the ability to see and control access remotely and receive battery alerts. Digital keys are simple to develop and manage. It also features a solid metal exterior.

You can get the August Smart Lock from Amazon for $199.99.

Apple Home Key compatible iPhones devices

The following iPhones will be compatible with the Apple Home Key as well as with the iOS 15, according to Apple.

· iPhone 13

· iPhone 13 Mini

· iPhone 13 Pro

· iPhone 13 Pro Max

· iPhone 12

· iPhone 12 Mini

· iPhone 12 Pro

· iPhone 12 Pro Max

· iPhone 11

· iPhone 11 Pro

· iPhone 11 Pro Max

· iPhone XS

· iPhone XS Max

· iPhone XR

· iPhone X

· iPhone 8

· iPhone 8 Plus

· iPhone 7

· iPhone 7 Plus

· iPhone 6S

· iPhone 6S Plus

· iPhone SE (1st and 2nd generation)

· iPod Touch (seventh generation)

Are Apple Home Key compatible locks worth it?

Apple aims to allow third-party home devices to use Siri's voice assistant. As a result, they collaborate with other companies that work with a wide range of device types. Before releasing iOS 15, they also revealed important Apple Home partners. Apple Home Key lets you unlock your front door or garage door with your phone if you have a compatible smart door lock. This Apple Home Key feature will be supported by prominent lock vendors such as Schlage and Aqara, they said. The 20th of September 2021 was set as the release date for iOS 15.

The home key feature, which was introduced with iOS 15, makes it simple to unlock your front door. With a simple tap on your Apple Watch or iPhone, you'll be able to unlock a compatible smart lock when you're nearby. This technology is also making its way into places like offices and hotels. Many smart lock manufacturers, such as Apple, are eager to add additional capabilities to their products, such as Apple Home Key. It is a more convenient method for you, as well as a more secure and safe method. As a result, Apple Home Key compatible Locks are a good investment for your home.

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