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Nowadays, online shopping is a famous shopping method all around the world. And, it is increasing rapidly. More than 60% of Americans have shopped online at least once. Amazon Dash Smart Shelf is one of the smart online shopping methods that you love. It is a simply awesome and inspired gadget. You probably love this device as the scale automatically reorders the item you need, so you never run out of supplies. Here’s all you need to know about your Amazon Dash Smart Shelf. It’s time to change our dumb shopping method.

What is Amazon Dash Shelf?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Amazon Dash Shelf previously. It is Amazon’s internet-connected scale. In other words, it is like an empty Amazon warehouse. This shelf automatically repurchases whatever you stock on the shelf when supplies get low.

This assumes a lot than you might be expecting, and its purpose is to replenish nondurable goods-item such as daily items or pet foods. You don’t want to bother to look at the shopping list anymore. This Dash Shelf takes care of it for you. Further, you don’t do the shopping.

Amazon Dash products are associated with Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service (DRS). It is smart enough to let you know when you’re running low on whatever on Amazon. It is a great smart gadget. It automatically re-orders when the load is getting law. Additionally, it is supportive for small and medium businesses. And yeah! It can convert your house into a smart home.

You may buy this Amazon Smart Shelf from Amazon now.

Which products work with your Dash Smart Shelf?

You can select from thousands of supported products. Here are some of the products you may select.

  • Office essentials
  • Pantry staples
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pet foods
  • Baby items
  • Popular items

Also, you can find a full list of products in the Amazon app

  • Amazon App - go to Device Settings – Find a full list of products

Though you can stock many different products, it can work with one product at a time. Once you reordered the product you can cancel or change a reorder for up to 24 hours. And, it will reorder or notify you once the product reaches its suggested reorder level. Also, you can change the reorder product settings using the Amazon app.

  • Amazon app- goes to Device Setting- Change reorder settings

Color of LED indicator when you’re using Dash Smart Shelf

  • White flashing: Device on
  • Blue flashing: Connecting to Bluetooth or wifi, ready for setup
  • White solid: Connected to wifi
  • White flashing, then green: Uploading inventory between automatic uploads
  • Yellow flashing, then green: Successful recalibration
  • Red flashing: Not connected to wifi

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Pros and Cons of Amazon Dash Shelf

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of the Amazon Dash Shelf. If you are wondering to kick out all the bad stuff of shopping, you can get an amazing experience with that. It is good for all small and medium business owners who wish to keep an alert on their stock as well as smart homeowners.


  • Convenience

You can select thousands of products and organize them into different categories like food & drink, office & IT supplies, Personal care, and more.

  • Simple to operate

It's very easy to operate this shelf for anyone. Also, it only needs to be replaced every two years as it has four AAA batteries.

  • Sizing and Affordability

You can select Smart Dash Shelf in three different sizes as you wish. It is also very affordable for anyone. You can place it under both small items and larger items.

Try Dash Smart Shelf yourself, if you want to see a similar result.


  • Forget About Getting the Best Bargains

Despite their low cost, the shelves are likely to be pricey in the long run. Because it is connected to Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service, which automatically reorders set products, the device is not preset to scan for offers.

Features of Amazon Dash Smart Shelf

When you get started,

1. Find the correct place for your Dash Smart Shelf

It can be used on flat surfaces like shelves, wire racks, and pantries. It requires a strong 2.4 GHz wifi signal. It can only be used indoors and has a maximum temperature of 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Turn it on

If you choose the first option, you must remove the plastic tab to activate the batteries. If you're utilizing wall power, the next alternative is to use a micro-USB power adaptor to connect the device.

How to set up Amazon Dash Shelf?

You have to make sure nothing is sitting on top of the Dash Smart Shelf throughout the setup process.

  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Then, download the latest version of the Amazon shopping app on the app store
  • Open the app and log in to your Amazon account
  • Next, select the Menu icon
  • Select the Smart Reorder devices under programs and features. Otherwise, select See All Programs.
  • Set up a new device and then select Dash Smart Shelf size from Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Press the device button and hold it up to five-second. Then release it. You can see a blue flashlight.
  • Follow the instruction to connect to Wi-Fi

You can see the available products in the app and select your product from that. You can place the product on the device after setup. You can place an order at the end of setup if you don’t have the product yet. Once adjust your reorder setting, confirm your payment and address details.

How to

To access your device setting

You must first open the Amazon app and then pick the Menu icon to access the device settings. Select Smart Reorder Devices from the programs and features menu. Finally, you'll be able to choose your Dash Smart Shelf.

Rename your device

To rename your device, go to device settings in the Amazon app. After that, you can choose the Edit option.

Change your Reorder Setting

You can change the product that is associated with your Dash Smart Shelf at any moment. To begin, go to Device settings and then tap on the current product. You can browse the available items and choose a new one from this page.

Update your WiFi settings

Go to the Wifi part of Device Settings and follow the on-screen steps to update the Wi-Fi setup.

Add or remove a storage container

You can also place a storage container on top of your devices to keep them in place without moving the weight.

To begin, make sure the container you intend to use is empty before putting it on your device. After that, hit the device's front button four times in a row. You must now wait for the light to turn yellow and then green. It's time to put your content to work. Check your device's settings to make sure your current inventory is set to 0%. You can delete a container from the device if you no longer want to use it. Then click the button four more times and wait for the light to become yellow and then green.

Upload or view your product weight

Dash Smart Shelf will automatically upload the weight of your product once per day on battery power and once per hour on wall power. If you wish to keep a closer eye on your supply, you can upload the weight at any time in between automatic uploads. It's only necessary to press the button once. Then wait for the light to become green after it flashes white. To see the most recent upload, click to Device Settings in the Amazon app.

Price and Availability

Smart shelves come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. There isn't much to say about their design. The scale is flat and black plastic. It is powered by four AAA batteries, which last two years.

  • Price: $19.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Color: Black

Here's the bottom line

The Amazon Dash Smart Shelf isn't for everyone, but it's the way things are going to be in the future. It will improve your life, and you will be able to order anything at any moment. In this article, you have learned more about Amazon Dash Smart Shelf. Thank you.

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