Arlo Baby Monitor - Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Bunny Ears

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Do you want to keep a close check on your baby? Then a baby monitor will come in handy. It's similar to a high-priced walkie-talkie. One of the few things many parents can agree on when it comes to bringing home a new child is the lack of sleep. You don't want to get out of bed right now. When something happens, this baby monitor will notify you. As a result, you will be able to make a better decision about your child, such as whether or not to get up and assist your youngster. Welcome! You've arrived at the correct place. You'll learn everything there is to know about the Arlo baby monitor in this review. So, let's get started.

In this article, you will learn;

  • What is Arlo Baby Monitor?
  • Arlo Baby Monitor specs
  • Pros and Cons of Arlo Baby Monitor
  • How to choose the best baby monitor for you?
  • Feature comparison with other Baby monitors
  • How to set up and use
  • Is Arlo Baby monitor secure?
  • Pricing

What is an Arlo Baby Monitor?

Are you looking for a super nanny? The Arlo Baby monitor acts as your baby's personal nanny. It's a smart Wi-Fi baby monitor with a 1080p HD camera that's all-in-one. Wi-Fi monitors, as you know, have an infinite range. So, when you're linked to the Wi-Fi network, your devices have a cellular connection. Yes, there is life outside of the nursery. all-in-one smart Wi-Fi baby monitor with a 1080p HD camera. You know what the Wi-Fi monitors have an unlimited range. So, you have a cellular connection with your devices while you are connected to the Wi-Fi network. Sure, it is a life beyond the nursery.

As the parent unit, there is a free app accessible for Android/Apple. It works with your phone or tablet. This can be utilized as a nanny cam or security camera once your child outgrows the need for monitoring. It has an average price, although it will be more expensive than some of the competitors. If you already own Arlo products, you'll likely recognize the Arlo Baby monitor because it uses the same app. It is also a well-known baby monitor in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

It also includes more baby-focused features than similar Wi-Fi monitors. It comes with lovely bunny ears, an internet range, and is simple to operate. Its newest HomeKit support is particularly intriguing. You may either ask Siri to "show me the nursery" or use the iOS Home app to view a feed. However, all of the capabilities, such as trigger scenarios, air sensor data, and nightlight controls, are not available in the Home app.

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Let’s see each of Arlo’s components******

  • The child unit

A camera, speakers, a nightlight, a battery, and a wall mounting kit are included in the Arlo Baby child unit. You can communicate with your baby through its speakers. And, yes, with 1080 HD high-definition video, you can view your tiny one in crystal clear HD. It's also useful for monitoring the entire room as well as specific areas. The Arlo app can modify the field of vision (from 90 degrees to 130 degrees). It notifies the parents when it detects the sound of a baby crying. After that, you can look at the screen for further details.

The Arlo camera's night vision is another interesting feature. This night vision is important if you will be looking at your baby in the dark. It's fantastic because you can see the baby's every move even in complete darkness. It also contains infrared LED lights that are dimmable, have changed colors and can be turned off. Don't be worried. It ensures that your baby has a restful night's sleep.

When it comes to audio quality, it is really sensitive and quite impressive. With two-way communication, you can listen in and communicate with your kid. It includes wonderful features including the ability to play music and allows you to communicate with a baby via the App and speaker. It can play white noise and lullabies for your child. As a result, your infant will be able to sleep through the night. Furthermore, you may control music playback and capture your voice from your smartphone. Using this Smart Arlo baby monitor, you can turn your home into a Smart Home.

It has a rechargeable battery built-in. As a result, you can freely move the camera about your house for hours. Another intriguing feature is the air monitoring capability. As a result, you can keep track of the air quality in your baby's nursery, including temperature, volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, humidity, and more. When it detects something, it will send you an alert regarding the air quality. It uses a baby crying alert to identify your baby's voice when he or she is crying.

  • The parent unit (The Arlo Baby App)

The parent unit of the Arlo Baby monitor is your smartphone or tablet. And, yes! The Arlo Baby app is for controlling your Arlo Baby baby monitor. You can obtain a live feed of your baby and use the other smart functions without difficulty. You can also converse with your baby, keep an eye on him or her, monitor the temperature, and play lullabies.

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Arlo Baby Monitor Specs

Size: 4.3x 2.6 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 1.72 pounds

Power source: Rechargeable batteries, battery

Maximum range: 50 feet

Pros and Cons of Arlo Baby Monitor

How to choose the best baby monitor for you?

When selecting baby monitors, think about which device works best, which features are most necessary, and which monitors are not worth your time. You know, baby monitors were formerly considered a luxury item. It has, however, become the norm, and it is now more affordable than ever. Furthermore, before purchasing the monitor, make sure that you can visually check on your baby without disturbing his or her sleep. In addition, the monitor should be able to track the ambient temperature as well as your baby's unusual behavior.

Only two of the three types of video monitors are simple to use for baby monitoring. Dedicated video Baby monitors, Wi-Fi video baby monitors, and wired monitors are three of them. Hardwiring and a video monitor device are required for this wired monitor. Then there's the question of how many barriers there can be between the reception units and how far away you can be from the camera.

Video quality, night vision, display size, and sound quality are all things to consider. Does it, after all, include volume control, voice activation, and other features? Sure, having a larger display to see your baby's plump cheeks and fluttery eyelashes would be nice.

Some of the features to consider briefly:

  • Temperature and Air sensor
  • Baby centric features such as lullabies
  • Visual quality
  • The screen size of the parent unit
  • Sound activation
  • Motion detection
  • Two way talk to baby
  • Ability to add camera
  • Security and privacy concerns
  • Location of monitoring
  • Budget
  • Mounting type
  • Phone app functions

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Feature comparison with traditional Baby monitors

How to set up and use

The Arlo baby monitor is easy to operate. The Arlo app offers a user-friendly layout and can learn without difficulty right away. The Arlo App's main screen contains the majority of the information you require. Don't be concerned. The Arlo continues to transmit alerts to your phone even when the app is closed.

To begin, connect your Arlo monitor to the desired location. After that, download the Arlo App and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your camera. Simply said, you must connect to Arlo's Wi-Fi using your phone's settings. After that, you can submit some basic information about your child and enter the race. Setting up can take a few minutes at times.

Getting a connection via the app during setup can be difficult at times. So, before installing and logging into the Arlo App on a different device, you should first complete the setup on a computer. We can determine when Arlo baby monitors are being discontinued by using the Arlo App.

Is Arlo Baby monitor secure?

The Arlo Baby monitor provides additional security and privacy information. They don't tell the public about security vulnerabilities until remedies are ready. When updates become available, they automatically push out a security update to all Arlo devices. As a result, your monitor will be safer. You may always upgrade the firmware, change the password on the monitor right away, and restrict the camera's range of vision. You should create a password that contains both numerals and special characters. You should change all of your passwords on a regular basis. When you are not using the monitor, you should unplug it.


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