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When it comes to the home, Apple designs its products that represent three key aspects. They begin by being simple to use. They are convinced that technology in your home should serve you rather than the other way around. They also make their products so that they can function together better. So that your iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, and other Apple devices may work together to provide a consistent experience. They designed everything to be private and secure. In my opinion, It is really important to all of us. In the iOS 15 iPhone software update for 2021, they added a number of excellent features. Yes! Apple Home keys come to your Apple Wallet.

What is the Apple Home Key?

One of the new features in iOS 15 is Apple Home Key. Homeowners will be able to unlock their front door with a single tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch and thanks to this new function. It's a really simple and safe way to get into their house.

You know what your Apple watch can operate your smart home gadgets natively. To begin it, you must pair HomeKit with a smart lock, after which you can just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock your door. It's convenient and very cool, and it gives you more control over your Smart Home.

What is Apple Wallet, and how does it work?

Apple Wallet is an app on your iPhone and Apple Watch. It keeps all of your debit and credit cards, as well as your student ID, car keys, and other important items, in one location. They set out to replace your physical wallet with the Apple Wallet app.

Payment cards have been introduced to make payments more secure and safe. Then they added transportation cards to the iPhone with express mode. Apple Home Key is a new key that has recently been introduced to the wallet. They also began with car keys. With ultra-wideband support, it was getting better.

It has also progressed with the addition of the ability to add a key for your door to Apple Wallet. Although the UI chip isn't specifically stated with this functionality for Smart Locks, the UI chip will be used in the same update for digital car keys. Several manufacturers will probably join this project like Aqara and Schlage.

Apple HomeKit compatible locks

Following are some of the smart locks that are compatible with the Apple Home Key.

Schlage Schlage Encode Plus

The Schlage is the best smart lock with a wide range of style and finishes options. The Good news is that Schlage announces the first Apple Home Key-supported smart lock. And yeah! Schlage Encode Plus is the first Apple home key compatible smart lock.

  • Brand: Schlage
  • Lock Type: Deadbolt
  • Connectivity options: Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Supported voice recognition device: Siri and Alexa

Instead, if you are interested in the Schlage lock, Get the Schlage Sense smart lock for $240.65

What else...

This Aqura smart lock will be compatible with Apple Home Key feature in near future. Apple displayed Aqura as their Apple Home Key partner in 2021 WWDC.

Aqara N100

The Aqara N100 smart lock is an updated version of the Aqara S2. It comes with a fingerprint sensor, NFC, and an application at a low price. Also, this smart lock will be compatible with the Apple Home key in the near future.

  • Brand: Aqara
  • Connectivity option: Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Supported voice recognition device: Siri and Alexa

What is the purpose of the Apple Home Key?

Using different passes in Apple Wallet is fairly simple. Depending on the time and location, some of the passes may display automatically. Your Apple Watch or iPhone can be used as a door key. In addition, this Wallet now has remote keyless entry controls.

What is the procedure for adding a pass to your Wallet?

There are various ways to add a pass to your iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch.

On the iPhone or iPod touch

  • To begin, you can use apps that support wallets.
  • In Wallet, you can scroll down. Then tap Find applications for Wallet and edit passes.
  • Scan a QR code or a barcode with your smartphone.
  • You can edit passes by scrolling down in Wallet. Then tap the scan code and use your iPhone camera to scan it.
  • You'll get a notification if you pay with Apple Pay at a supported merchant. Then tap the notification for your wallet.
  • Go through your web browser and use messages or Mail.
  • You may utilize your Mac to share using AirDrop.
  • You can utilize the app provided by the automobile manufacturer for car keys. Then add keys from email and use the information display of the car.

On Apple Watch

  • You can follow the directions in the pass issuer's email.
  • Open the app if one is available at the pass issuer.
  • You can add a pass after receiving a notification from the pass issuer.

What are the new other iPhone features in iOS 15?

FaceTime Enhancement - FaceTime now includes Spatial Audio. It will make each participant's audio contributions appear to come from the correct screen location. It also eliminates unwanted background sounds. FaceTime will be clever in portrait mode, blurring out the speaker's background.

Apple Maps Feature — Google Maps-inspired augmented reality walking directions are a new Apple Maps feature. They've updated the Apple map with new features like an interactive globe and detailed city experiences.

New Camera Tricks- In QuickTake videos, they've included new capabilities including Live Text, Visual Lookup, and Zoom.

Better, Faster Sri - They've increased the speed and privacy of on-device processing. They've also introduced new features including on-device Siri customization, Siri offline support, and on-device dictation.

A more Dramatic Weather - They use computer-generated images to display the present meteorological conditions.

Spatial Audio Upgrades- As part of the spatial audio upgrades, you can acquire the dynamic head-tracking component.

Which iPhone models will be updated to iOS 15?

Software upgrades for iOS 15 can be installed on multiple devices. The following is a list of all iOS devices that are compatible with the Apple Home Key.

o iPhone 6s

o iPhone 6s Plus

o iPhone SE (2016)

o iPhone 7

o iPhone 7 Plus

o iPhone 8

o iPhone 8 Plus

o iPhone X

o iPhone XS

o iPhone XS Max

o iPhone XR

o iPhone 11

o iPhone 11 Pro

o iPhone 11 Pro Max

o iPhone SE (2020)

o iPhone 12 mini

o iPhone 12

o iPhone 12 Pro

o iPhone 12 Pro Max

o All iPhone 13 models

o iPod touch

Is the Apple Home key in Wallet secure?

Your Apple ID is linked to your keys and cards in a safe way. It allows you to keep track of and add cards, passes, and keys across all of your devices. They've also used iCloud to offer an extra layer of security. When your Wallet data is sent over the internet, it is encrypted. When it's on Apple's servers, be sure it's encrypted.

This article includes affiliate links, when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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