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The Best Songs From the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Soundtrack

Isaiah McCall

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is nearly 20 years old — and boy does time fly. In that time, YouTube launched, Apple released the first iPhone, America elected a Black president, and we encountered our first pandemic in 100 years.

When you look at the timeline, it feels as though a millennium has passed between Vice City and today. All that said, the game is astonishingly relevant, and much of that is because of GTA: Vice City’s soundtrack.

The soundtrack introduced ‘80s music to a new generation, hence the game’s popularity amongst millennials.

Once songs like “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” or “More Bounce To The Ounce” came on the radio, it was over. You were bobbing your head, singing along, and having a blast. GTA: Vice City’s soundtrack will always have a special place in gamer’s hearts, so today, let’s look at the five best songs from an unforgettable game.

5. Mary Jane Girls — All Night Long

There are very few songs that can set the mood as well as “All Night Long” by the Mary Jane Girls. When this banger comes on, you already know the night you were going to be having in Vice City — sufficiently dangerous, a little sexy, but smooth as hell.

The song was a big hit for the group and featured production from legendary musician Rick James. “All Night Long” peaked at #8 on the dance charts in 1983. The song has since been sampled by Ice Cube, Mary J Blige, Jay Z, and many more.

The seductive track is a staple of the GTA: Vice City Soundtrack.

4. Fat Larry’s Band — Act Like You Know

This song is ridiculous. It’s one of those hidden gems that only a few disco dancing boomers would know about if it weren’t for the efforts of Rockstar.

All hell breaks loose when “Act Like You Know” comes on the radio. You crank up the volume, start swerving your car, maybe run over a few hookers, and jam out. It’s a fantastic song for A GTA; Soundtrack. To this day, I do not know anything about Fat Larry or his band, but boy did they release a banger.

3. Rick James — Ghetto Life

This list is already out of control and we’re only three songs in (God bless the GTA: Vice City soundtrack). If you played this song too loud in your room, you almost guaranteed that your mom would come in and start dancing.

Rick James himself is a drug — both metaphorically and physically. “Ghetto Life” is one of his best; it tells a story, has a message, and gets your body moving. What else could you ask for?

2. Michael Jackson — Billie Jean

I almost wanted to leave Michael off this list because he’s a legend. You know it, we know it, enough said. Conversely, hearing “Billie Jean” while you’re cruising in the streets, probably performing a driveby on some Cuban drug dealers, is too ludicrous not to include.

There are some Michael Jackson songs you can never get tired of; it’s like when the beat starts you were programmed to start dancing. The best part is that this song feels right at home on the GTA: Vice City soundtrack.

1. A Flock Of Seagulls — I Ran (So Far Away)

In any other world, A Flock Of Seagulls “I Ran” would never, ever top artists like Michael Jackson or Rick James (or even Fat Larry for that matter). But there’s something about this song in this game that just feels so goddamn perfect.

It’s like right when it comes on, you take a deep breath, and soak in Vice City for everything it’s worth. Some songs are synonymous with a game: “Paradise City” and Burnout: Paradise; “Song 2” and Fifa ’98; and one of my favorites, “I Ran” and GTA: Vice City.

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