Chinese Concentration Camps And 4 More Evil Crimes That Happen

Isaiah McCall

Over the past two decades China has gone from a frugal developing nation often regarded as “The Factory of the World,” to a new major player with aims of overtaking the United States as the number one economic superpower.

This was a silent takeover.

A Stealth War as Brigadier General Robert Spalding author of “How China took over while America’s Elite Slept” puts it.

And as our country scrambles to fix our own problems, including but not limited to racism, gun violence and the seemingly unsplittable divide between our politics, I’m sure many would agree that maybe our time is up. Maybe we don’t deserve to be the head honcho.

Handing over the keys to China might be what the world needs; except, China isn’t who you think they are. In fact, no matter what you imagine, I can guarantee you it's much worse.

The Chinese Communist Party led by President Xi Jinping is the largest threat to the Chinese people. They exploit them, imprison them in concentration camps and kidnap Chinese people, including Billionaire Jack Ma, for speaking against the party.

The CCP kidnapping Jack Ma is the equivalent of Elon Musk disappearing after openly criticizing Joe Biden. It’s a concept so alien to us that we don’t believe it could possibly ever be true.

Well it is. It happens in China all the time.

“All of the Chinese Billionaires only two things happen: Jail or die,” said exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok. “One week jail, another week kill you.”

We’re going to explore the most heinous crimes that China commits today. It’s important to note — actually, it's unfortunate that we have to note this— but criticizing another country, especially one as evil as China is not racist.

A government is not its people. The CCP does not reflect the heart, creativity, and passion of the Chinese people. I feel sorry for you if you think otherwise.

Here are the most notable known crimes China commits today.

The Concentration Camps

Picture this: You work for the Chinese Communist Party and need to find a way to rejuvenate trading through the Silk Road, i.e. your gateway into the rest of the world.

40% of your coals is here. 25% of your gas is here.

However, standing in your way is China’s ethical minority named the Uyghurs [pronounced wee-gir]. They look different, speak different languages, and worship different Gods. In a way, they are not Chinese. They’re more like their neighboring country of Turkey.

You have two choices: cooperate with the Uyghurs; learn their culture and create an altruistic strategy that benefits both of you. Or, demand that they get the hell out of your way.

China took a page out of the Nazi playbook; they blamed this ethnic minority as the problem — citing religious extremism — and sent these people to concentration camps.

I’m sorry, they actually call them “Re-education Centers.” It sounds less scary that way.

Since 2017 more than two million Muslims have been sent to these camps, making it the largest internment of an ethnic minority since the holocaust.

Once there the Uyghurs are completely brainwashed:

“We were told that religion is bad for us,” Syragul, one of millions of ethnic minorities imprisoned in China’s camps told BBC. “We’re taught, ‘I can’t survive without the Communist Party.’ It’s not about teaching them, it’s about completely destroying them.”

In addition to the 24-hour surveillance, constant police presence, and frequent stop and frisks in Western China, people are imprisoned for “pre-crimes.” One resident said people are sent to camps because they have “problems with their thoughts.”

“Our focus is to take a person who’s on the edge of committing a crime, a minor criminal, and return them to normal society as a law-abiding citizen.” — Xu Guixiang, President of Propaganda in Western China.

George Orwell just turned over in his grave.

There are many horrifying and heartbreaking stories in Western China that I implore you to learn about. Why isn’t this more known? Easy, China is a master of disinformation and all they have to do is instill a tiny bit of doubt. So they —

  • Dress up their prisoners when the media comes
  • Add rec centers and make everyone look happy!!
  • Tell media to delete footage or prevent filming like in this BBC report
  • Threaten or kidnap family members if you publish something they don’t like.

But all of this makes total sense.

After all, trading through Western China adds three trillion-dollars to China's GDP. Why should ethnic minorities get in the way of that?

The Social Credit System

If you thought the Black Mirror episode about a national social credit system was horrific, then you don’t know China.

China’s social credit system is not a FICO credit score nor a handy tool to punish criminals. It’s used to completely control the populace.

Here’s what impacts your public social credit: Social media activities, interacting with the right or wrong people, online purchases, your finances, your achievements at work or school, and almost every action you commit throughout the day.

How is this monitored? Through the 200,000,000 surveillance cameras and facial recognition software located throughout the country. Do the math: That’s one camera for every seven citizens.

It’s a caste system created by deadbeats, as the NY Post points out. Here’s a terrifying excerpt from that article:

“A low social credit score will exclude you from well-paid jobs, make it impossible for you to get a house or a car loan or even book a hotel room. The government will slow down your internet connection, ban your children from attending private schools and even post your profile on a public blacklist for all to see.”

“People can improve their own social credit score is to report on the supposed misdeeds of others. Individuals can earn points, for example, for reporting those who violate the new restrictions on religious practice, such as Christians who illegally meet to pray in private homes, or the Muslim Uyghurs and Kazakhs in China’s far west whom they spot praying in public, fasting during Ramadan or just growing a beard.”

By 2018, around 23 million people in China have been blocked from traveling by plane or train because they were on a social credit blacklist.

So, I wanted to find out exactly how this social credit system worked day-to-day. Special thanks to YouTuber Iaowhy86 who lived in China for ten years and translated the full documents regarding their social credit system.


points are what you start with. Based on your performance you are broken into different tiers:

AAA/ AA (1050 points): You are an exemplary citizen. You enjoy a 3% point benefit on current loan rates and free health checks if you’re under 64. Keep it up!

A+/ A/ A- (960–1029 points): You enjoy the privilege to be used as a model in campaigns done by the government. You receive priority in school enrollment and other social assistance, in addition to preferential care in employment.

B (850–959): You’re locked into B for two years and will receive periodic government visits for re-education. You can still enjoy A- benefits, but deep down you know you can do better.

C (600–849): You’re locked in for three years before ever becoming a B. You’re also on a government list. You cannot receive welfare, cannot win awards or honors, and cannot run for political office. Also expect many more government visits.

D (0–599): You are on a public blacklist. You must revoke honorific titles such as your doctorate or master's degree. No government funding for you. By the way you might lose your job, and officials are going to visit you all the time.

Actions that impact your social credit:

  • - 50 for negative information on social media such as posts or messages that criticize the CCP.
  • +10 for ratting out cult organizations, environmental pollutionists and any feudal superstition (i.e. religious people)
  • Traffic fines -10. Two parking tickets -10
  • Illegally holding classes — where you may or may not be educating people about how evil the CCP is — is -50
  • Rat out criminals +20
  • More than two children or refusal of sterilization -40
  • Tombstone that’s too big -100
  • Donate organs +100
  • +5 for kid joining the Army
  • Petitioning a problem to Beijing, the capital of China, is -50

China’s population is over 1.4 billion people. That’s nearly 20% of the entire world that lives under this system.

Billionaires, Journalists and Influencers Disappearing

Both Hitler and Stalin were outdone by Mao.

Under Marxism and Mao, 45 million Chinese people were killed from 1958 to 1962 making it the largest episode of mass murder ever recorded.

Interestingly enough, Marx is still regarded as the — not one of, but the — greatest thinker the world has ever known. It’s hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

After Mao, and later the fall of the Soviet Union, China began to realize individual freedom’s relation to national wealth. Capitalism made America the leading superpower and, in turn, China began to adopt capitalism itself in the early 1980s under President Deng Xiaoping.

“The way the CCP’s system works is to give you some amount of freedom because that unlocks economic activity,” said Robert Spalding in an interview with YouTuber Jake Tran.

“Your pursuit of wealth as an individual actually is a force that Deng Xiaoping released.”

However, communism and authoritarianism crept their way back into China like a bad ex-girlfriend. Under President Xi-Jinping's current rule, authoritarianism is back in full swing.

So, China opted for the best of both worlds. Enough capitalism to make money, but not enough that people forget who’s really running the show here.

Unimportant things like freedom of speech, creativity, and carving your own path towards financial freedom conflict with the CCP’s control. What if people like you more than the CCP? What if you’ve gained too much cultural influence?

If that happens you teach these billionaires — and other journalists, influencers, and prominent individuals — a lesson. For Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, it was a long time coming.

After speaking negatively of the CCP, Ma disappeared for three months before appearing in the public eye. A CNBC article stated he was “lying low,” but based on thousands of other disappearances in China, it's likely that something far more sinister happened.

‘There is no so-called Ma era,’’ read a recent headline in the self-proclaimed CCP mouthpiece People’s Daily, ‘‘but only an era that has Ma in it.”

We’ll never know for sure what happened to Ma, but at least he didn’t end up like any of these Chinese disappearances:

  • “The Warren Buffet of China” Guo Guangchang: He went missing for a week after the CCP investigated to see if his companies were profiting from the falling Chinese stock markets.
  • Chen Qiushi (Wuhan Journalist): After promising in a YouTube video, “I will use my camera to document what is really happening [in Wuhan]. I promise I won’t… cover up the truth,” Qiushi was never heard from again.
  • Xiao Jianhua (Billionaire Businessman): Rolled away in a wheelchair with his head covered by covert Chinese police agents. Was never seen again and now the Chinese government is dismantling his billion-dollar empire.
  • Ren Zhiqiang (Real Estate Mogul): Made several heinous anti-communist remarks, including calling the great leader “stupid,” in a blog post. He went missing for 7 months shortly after. All of his social media was deleted including his 37 million followers. He never came back and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Also all his assets were seized and he was fined millions.

COVID-19 Censorship

“No country has ever attacked every other country, and that’s what China has done.” — Chinese American Lawyer Gordon G Chang

This brings us to today; where there’s a heated debate in the West:

“How certain are you that the COVID virus didn’t come from a Wuhan lab? We both know that we’re supposed to robotically say:

The idea that the COVID virus came from a lab is a discredited conspiracy theory, there is no evidence to suggest that this is true. The World Health Organization and the CDC have both proved this. To say otherwise would be incredibly irresponsible.” — Eric Weinstein, physcist, sarcastically poking fun at this trite robotic statement in a Lex Friedman podcast.

“Conspiracy” and “racist” are two words constrained around science, especially when discussing COVID-19. Many of our scientists are harassed for exploring all angles of a theory; you know, what a scientist is supposed to do.

Ideology doesn’t belong in science. Scientists try to disprove themselves and their presuppositions to distill truth. They aren’t supposed to pander to the woke Twitter mob.

Although, who can blame them for breaking when they receive constant death threats and dogmatic vitriol?

Maybe investigating where COVID came from doesn’t even matter at this point. Conversely, maybe it’s the entire matter and will reveal everything.

Either way, as we eclipse the one-year anniversary of COVID it’s important to note all of the strange and downright disturbing actions China has taken since before this pandemic even started:

  • A Very Clever “Out Clause:” Before China ever reported the virus, they signed an agreement with the US to import $200 billion in goods and to stop stealing our intellectual properties. But there was an out clause; if a “natural disaster or any unforeseen event” were to happen the deal was off. Two weeks later China announced COVID-19. “The ink wasn’t even dry, and they hit us with the plague,” Trump would later remark.
  • Extreme Quarantine: China wielded people into homes, tied elderly to posts, and caused a disabled boy to die alone after the Chinese government forced his father into quarantine. Their extreme quarantining efforts coupled with them being the first to know about COVID enabled them to open up their country while the world faced the brunt of it.
  • Censoring COVID: A BBC news report revealed that the original doctor who first discovered the coronavirus was censored multiple times before dying. Before Dr. Li Wenliang died he was told to keep silent about COVID by the CCP, and shockingly enough, the CCP ordered the doctor be put back on life support, despite the fact that he was dead, and announced that he was, in fact, in critical condition. You really can’t make this stuff up…
  • The World Health Organization: They are not looking out for America’s best interest. Members of WHO praised China for their “extraordinary measures taken during the outbreak.” WHO was responsible for misinformation such as stating “COVID doesn’t transfer human to human” and was even coached by Beijing officials on what to tell the public. Although WHO’s two top donors are America and Bill Gates, their actions do not reflect one of an ally of the US.

Read “Yes Blame WHO for Its Disastrous Coronavirus Response,” if you’d like to learn more.

Where to Go From Here?

Self-criticism is what makes America great.

We might not always fix problems efficiently or in a timely manner, but we are able to identify that a problem is there. Self-criticism is what makes a country grow. This is not easy and we don’t give America enough credit for it.

However, we’ve overidentified problems. Everything is politically charged to the most basic issues all the way to problems we just make up.

For the sake of time — this is a monster article already — here are three books that define problems in America that are plagued with misinformation, or are defended by a group that isn’t open to a logical discussion; they’d rather scream at you.

I’ll describe the issue first and then the recommendation.

1.How Black Lives Matters and other woke antiracists/allies are racists; and why these groups have become religious zealots incapable of open discussion or listening to facts.

  • Recommendation (Free): “The Elect: The Threat to a Progressive America From Anti-Black Antiracists” by John McWhorter

2. Why letting children change their gender in the midst of puberty is destroying many of their lives; and why this is an epidemic afflicting teenage girls.

  • Recommendation: “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier

3. Why language isn’t violence and science isn’t sexism.

(It’s strange that conservative thinkers are now the ones that have to defend free speech).

  • Recommendation: “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody.” by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay

While we’re fighting amongst ourselves over all this, China keeps growing. Freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? China laughs in the face of those fundamental American values. China is a perfect dictatorship.

And at the first Biden-led China and America open discussion, China showed its true colors. Chinese politicians yelled, told America off, and firmly planted their stake as a country going after us.

China told America to put our country together first — they mentioned issues like Black Lives Matter by name — before we criticize them or their concentration camps, dogmatic social credit system; or address concerns of where this COVID-19 virus started.

However, the Biden administration led by Secretary of State Antony Blinken held strong. They saw through the hypocritical rhetoric. I implore you to watch the rest of the Alaska discussion to see China kick and scream like a baby.

I hope we are able to put ourselves together and take a stand against China, because while I used to get a kick out of the old joke, “time to start learning Mandarin,” it’s not going to be funny if it happens.

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