My Favorite Guilt-Free Dessert to Binge On Like Crazy

Isaiah McCall

I have a sweet tooth. Brownies, cookies, banana pudding. I love them all.

The only problem is my waistline doesn’t share my passion for sweets. Even one or two more cookies than I should have had is enough to give me a stomach ache the next morning.

My sweet tooth was a curse. Something I had to vehemently fight against or I’d lose the battle on my health.

Enter: Bonji Foods, a local ice cream company based in my home state of New Jersey, and my favorite food that I can binge on guilt-free

Acai Bowls Are Driving Me Crazy

I never was big into the acai bowl craze.

Price, portion, and too many pictures on Instagram always held it back in my opinion. This was all before I tried my first one at Bonji.

Acai bowls are delicious and deliver healthy fats and fiber. Just watch out for the added sugars from Nutella or caramel drizzling.

My only qualm is the price for acai bowls.

They average around $10 making it something I can only indulge in once a week at most. However, they make for the best and healthiest dessert, even rivaling the rich, creamy textures of banana pudding (my all-time ALL-TIME favorite dessert)

Why You Should Support Local Food

I’m still an avid Whole Foods shopper (and Aldi). However, I’ve become increasingly aware that due diligence falls on the customer to check the food labels. Not everything is healthy inside Whole Foods. Even if it’s labeled with buzzwords like “natural” or “fat-free.”

Whole Foods is the closest thing we’ve had to local food on a national scale. But it still can’t beat the quality and heartwarming attention to detail that local food provides.

My Bonji Foods ice cream came with a handwritten note that I’ll paraphrase,

“Thanks so much for trying our family’s product out! We did our best to make the most delicious product for those who are vegan, lactose intolerant and trying to eat a bit healthier!”

You don’t get that at a Whole Foods. I definitely recommend checking Bonji Foods out. My favorite flavor is Bonji Acai + Chocolate. And go support your local health food stores!

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