Instagram gives new life to profiles through the Edit Grid feature

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Instagram has grown to become one of the top social networks over the last few years. Its creator, Meta, has not shied away from trying to test the latest options for the app, with developers reportedly working on the new Take Break feature. Break function to combat the burgeoning addiction to our smartphones. We've learned about a second in-progress feature as well. Did you think about organizing your post that you post on your page in a customized arrangement? If yes, Instagram possibly has something to offer.

Instagram is working on the possibility of editing the grid of your profile, allowing users to rearrange their posts in any order they'd like. Therefore, instead of deleting an image that doesn't fit with the aesthetic of your feed, you can simply rearrange it instead of deleting or archiving the post.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses, brands, as well as personal bloggers. According to Paluzzi, the feature would be accessible in a section known as "Profile information." When you choose "Edit Grid," Instagram will display your feed and include the message "Drag and drop to reorder."

Then, you can choose the place where you'd like to add each video or photo to get more clarity in your feed.

According to the chief of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, Instagram will be launching three different perspectives on the home screen, two of them offering the option of viewing posts chronologically:


Home is the experience people have in the present, as per Mosseri. The app categorizes content according to how engaged it thinks you might be.

Favorite Accounts

It's a collection of accounts you'd like to ensure that you don't forget things. Mosseri says that he uses this feed to check out what his siblings are up to, as well as his top creators and even a few of his closest friends.


Similarly to the original Instagram, You'll get posts from your followers in chronological order.

Although the feed feature is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2022, it's unclear what the timeline will be for when Instagram will ever launch the capability to edit the grid you've created.

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