Borderlands creators have nine AAA games in development.

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The developer and publisher owned by the Embracer Group continue to grow; In addition to publishing various indie games, they are working on Homeworld 3, Tales From the Borderlands 2, and more.

Gearbox Entertainment continues to grow; it publishes third-party games, buys studios, and has nine big-budget titles in development. This latest data has been given by Embracer Group, the Swedish conglomerate that bought the creators of Borderlands Saga (the third part is free on the Epic Games Store, by the way) and Brothers in Arms, in its latest financial report. Although we know of some of those nine AAA titles, most have not been announced.

Gearbox Interactive is composed of two groups: Gearbox Publishing (with two offices in the US and one in Amsterdam), responsible for publishing independent third-party games like Risk of Rain 2, and his studios Gearbox Software, Gearbox Studio Quebec, Gearbox Studio Montréal, Cryptic Studios, and the newly acquired Lost Boys Interactive (a group of more than 220 workers who supported the development of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands).

What games are they? Homeworld 3, and Tales from the Borderlands 2

In the Embracer Group data, you can read:

"Gearbox continues to scale the organization to meet its ambitious growth plans, and there are currently nine AAA games in development"

What are those high-budget titles? One could be the sequel to Tales from the Borderlands, announced for this year and which we will see in the summer (Summer Game Fest 2022 starts on June 9).

Beyond those two, the other games released by Gearbox Entertainment do not fit the AAA description: Hyper Light Breaker, Relic Hunters Legends, and Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom. The last big-budget title the company released was the quoted Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which according to Embracer Group has been “one of the best IP releases in 2K Games history (publisher)" and “has been well received" by consumers and critics.

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