MultiVersus: First impressions gathered from the closed alpha

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Warner's new fighting game is very entertaining, promising, and ambitious.

This Thursday, Warner Bros. Games released the closed alpha phase of its new free-to-play fighting game, MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is a fast-paced fighting game that takes place in colorful 2D environments, drawn from iconic Warner Bros. locations like The Batcave, with the main objective being to knock your opponents off the battlefield.

The new fighting game brings together the company's iconic characters, including Superman, Bugs Bunny, Steven Universe, Harley Quinn, the Iron Giant, and more, in hopes of capturing the attention of people who haven't touched a fighting game in years.

Roles and characters in MultiVersus

The game's character roster is divided into roles: assassin, mage, bruiser, tank, and support. They can all land their good shots, but each character specializes in a combat style and seeks to generate synergy with an allied character, in a 2v2 format.

Reindog, a supporting character exclusive to MultiVersus, can attach a lightning bolt to an ally to prevent them from falling off the stage and allow them to play momentum while trying to deal damage and take out enemies. Wonder Woman is a tank that thrives on absorbing damage and knocking back enemies.

If you want to stay behind and look for the right opportunity to join the fray, the support role is the answer. On the other hand, Bruisersare designed to turn a fight in their favor, with attacks that send enemies flying upwards and can be followed up with aerial attacks.

MultiVersus is surprisingly tactical and more focused than the average Super Smash Bros style, the strategic ability only works in the context of three-round matches, played against a team that is also trying to implement their tactics.

The character roster is exceptionally creative, with some entertaining mechanics and animations. For example, Tom and Jerry are a two-in-one duo like the ice climbers from Smash. With a basic attack animation, Tom throws his fist at Jerry. The mouse dodge and Tom's punch flies over his head and hits his opponent.

Taz, meanwhile, has a special ability where hitting opponents a certain number of times probably turns them into a roast chicken, rendering them defenseless for a draw.

If you wish to register for the closed alpha or future testing phases, you can do so from the official MultiVersus site.

This article was under my own experience in the closed alpha phase and written for NewsBreak..

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