The Unfair Advantage Of Printed Books

Ionutz Kazaku
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You will never be able to experience these features with an e-book.

I haven’t read a printed book in 2 years.

However, I really miss it.

You can’t compare the atmosphere a paper book creates when you start reading it. You feel the weight of the knowledge and its secrets. Printed books are a form of art, displaying illustrations with hidden messages.

Here are 6 advantages reading paper books —

Advantage #1: Magical Smell

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of a book?

Old books, new books, I love the smell of both!

There is nothing more specific than the smell of books. It gives a feeling of nostalgia and wisdom. Books are made out of paper, ink and glue. When these 3 components combine, after a long time or fresh out of the factory, an amazing smell is created.

We always go “ahhh” when we sniff the books.

Advantage #2: Great Decoration

There is no better decoration than books.

Here’s why:

  1. Your room will always look better with books on shelves. The multicolor rainbow created by books will go well with anything.
  2. The best way to make your guest comfortable when coming over is by showing your book list. Conversations will spark which will break the ice.
  3. Look at someone’s book list or shelf and you will know everything about them. The books we read are directly correlated with our interests and personality.

Real books take up space and that’s good.

Advantage #3: Free Reading

Free knowledge.

You can go to public libraries where you can borrow books for free and return them back once you have read them. I believe the registration should be quite easy. Some libraries offer memberships which are still cheaper and more convenient than buying books.

A great way to introduce yourself to reading and see if you like it before buying books.

Advantage #4: Exploring Libraries

The feeling I miss the most.

You can be a reader or not but you have to admit, the energy which flows through libraries is super motivational.

When you enter a library, you want to buy a book instantly. There is a big chance that you will read a few pages of the book and put it on the shelf but, it doesn’t matter, you can return to it later.

Libraries are magical places filled with knowledge.

Advantage #5: Long-lasting

It is made of paper, ink and glue.

After 1 year of using an e-book, I started noticing some changes. It doesn’t respond as well as it used to:

  1. I have to wait longer for an action to be completed.
  2. I have to press accurately on a certain button so it doesn’t get confused and does something else.
  3. It sometimes goes “crazy” and does random things like moving 5 pages back.

Also, my e-book, with time, will break. The paper book will still be on the shelf after 100 years.

Advantage #6: No Battery

The worst thing about an e-book.

If I didn’t have to recharge my e-book once every 2 weeks, it would have been perfect. Don’t get me wrong, letting my e-book charge 1 hour every 2 weeks is not a lot, however, when I see the 10% battery left sign, I get anxious because I have to always remind myself to charge it.

It is kind of annoying.

I will still be using my e-book, it will remain my first choice, however, I will return to physical books as well.

Manage the books you read with this.

Thanks for reading :)

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